Month: March 2017

My Sister

Today was my sister’s Memorial.  It brought family and friends together, Even friends from our childhood and colleagues from the past attended..  Sweet music, a quiet ambiance, and an Irish poem filled the air with remembrance of Emmy.  I wrote and recited this poem. My Sister As a toddler, I was told she was special. Special? What does that mean? I thought she was just like me. So, of course as a child does, I gave her dirty looks, stuck my tongue out at her, pulled her hair, hit her over the head, and ate candy out of her toys. She was my older sister, my only sibling, then. Isn’t that what you did? During our childhood years, Emmy went away. In those days, it seemed the course of action. Went to live somewhere else. I didn’t ask too many questions comforted that our parents were visiting her. Why did she leave us? I wondered . . . but not enough to ask. I didn’t think so much about my sister. Emmy was coming home! Change …

We’ve got Spirit

This is a short post to share the addition of a new tool/toy to the household.  Recently celebrating a 60th birthday, honoring 12 years of running, wanting to support the workouts of OTF, desiring to skirt these bitter winds of long winter months, and feeling like it was now or never, hubby and I are now enjoying our new treadmill.