To be more or maybe less,
there is an option

neither to mingle
nor disappear like in nonexistence

stitch count, splat points, pace on a track,
number of cardinals in a winter’s scene

loved by dreamers
there are those who believe

Productivity, ambition, pride
sing their praises

of course, resting on one’s laurels
is a way to the future

Do they matter? Do they lead to happiness?
A digit that moves from a 5 to a 6?

Numbers.  As I see it, define.


Inspired by ‘Shoe’ by O at the Edges

4 responses to “Numbers”

  1. Is this real? What a lovely picture, which reminds of the couple of cardinals living close to our garden in Montreal. We so loved to hear them and watch them hop on our bushes. There are no cardinals in France, I miss those lovely birds.


    • Agnes, The photo came from a photographer friend and I also love it. We do have cardinals that gather in our backyard so I do relate to it and its snow scene which is why I incorporated it, here. Also, because there was a number of something in the photo and that is my topic. Maybe, while you are in France, you can transfer your love of the cardinal to a species that is native to the region. ex. I am not a fan of Florida however when I travel there, the foliage is breathtaking and nothing I see around here so I appreciate it all the more.

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