On Fitness

I haven’t written about health and wellness in awhile.  It is not because I have been negligent rather, I wanted to collect some data to share and show that exercise continues to be alive and well in my retirement  life.

When I retired, I said there were three things I wanted to focus on.  They were and continue to be:  knitting [of course], running, and writing/reading.   In my knitting life, I knew I would be attacking the stash working up projects I had only wished/dreamed of finishing.  UPDATE:  I moved OUT a piece of furniture that was housing yarn as those bundled fibers are now finished objects!

I knew I wanted to continue writing here on hollyknits.  I thought I might also look for other writing venues.  Immediately upon joining the knitting guild, that notion of ‘another outlet’ came via the guild’s website, buffaloknittingguild.com where, after one year, I was granted privilege to update their website where I gave it a complete overhaul as well as established their visibility on other social sites.  Since then, I continue to write weekly updates.

This third initiative of running has taken the most effort as, for me, is the most difficult.  Difficult because I do not view myself as an athlete (self concept flaw) and besides, who wants to move off a comfy couch, complete with lap lab pooch, coffee, and knitting?

Also, because I recognized my running effort needed more attention than just hubby and I lallygagging at our slow pace.

Enter OTF.  OrangeTheoryFitness moved into our area this past Spring.  My daughter introduced me to OTF a few years, ago.  I took a class with her then and thought it might be a good fit for me.  High energy, data driven, diverse routine of exercise are its attributes.   I signed up and have since been to about 6 classes.  Within the construct of OTF, after gathering data, and learning of the rotation of 4 specific classes, one can learn to tweak their physical fitness goals.  Here is an example of a performance summary that you find in your inbox after each class.  My goal:  turn red to orange.

For me, OTF is a vehicle to get me to this year’s physical fitness goal of a half marathon, Buffalo’s half, May 2017.  I’ve asked the coach to help me while knowing I also need to run lots of shorter races between now and then.

These photos were from the race this past weekend, the 12th annual Lindsay’s Legacy, a 5k that ended up being a 3.4 race (some minor misconfiguring) to benefit childhood cancer research.  I came in 9th out of 23 in my age group.  Results are posted at such sites as www.buffalorunners.com, useful to train and compete against your own time.

Today is a down day where I am sifting through paperwork here on the table, will make a few minor adjustments to some hand knits caused by typical wear and tear, and continue the journey of fair isle.  Of course, there are always the house projects where one becomes a helper.

Happy, of course after the task.  But, look at that Birch!