Creative Space Revisited . . . Again

Funny, when I notice my frustration regarding housing all things knitting.  I am quick to think it is the stash of yarn that needs some kind of attention.  Whether it be shelving for the large collection of yarn, or a way in which to organize the yarn, a color coding system, a pattern to fiber system . . . these sorts of things.   However I am noticing, it is not the housing of the yarn stash at all that is taking my planning and thoughtful consideration, rather the housing of my finished projects.  And, of course, as time moves along, this ‘challenge’ only grows.

I know, I know, you thought I had a system and I did.  Question.  Do you ever re-visit your own thinking or walk around critiquing this or that about your house after you’ve come home from a trip?  One of the things I like best about travel, besides the obvious, is that upon arriving back home, I do just that.  As if I were a visitor into someone else’s house and seeing the house for the first time, I walk around to see what it looks like, feels like,  I ask myself questions like what could I do to make my environment more pleasing?  Have I utilized light and space to its fullest advantage?

When I did just that this last trip, I didn’t love the arrangement I had created for my finished objects.  I also noticed the containers my sweaters were in looked sweaty, not a good look visually and I wondered if that was doing harm to the garments.  Also, I knew there was more space in my upstairs due to the fact that I have been working down my stash and not purchasing more yarn which is an amazing thing in itself!   Another thing I’ve felt, like children, when not in sight I miss them.  Yes, these projects really are a part of me.  ok . . I thought, I need to revisit my own system of organization of all things yarn and do so by utilizing one spare bedroom.

First step.  Since my closets are painted as beautiful as the room,  I thought, let’s take off the door so that it becomes an extension of the room.   “Does this shelf unit fit in the closet?  How ’bout a sweater nook?” I asked myself.  The sun streams east to west and narry into this space.  A bit of luck!  Let’s remove this, put that there and let’s see, “I think this may work!”   Not purchasing one new thing to pull this new arrangement off but rearranging in a smarter way, the look and feel is now quite different.

Feel free to browse my creative space.  I think I’m quite happy!

fits perfectly
room for many more
The hooks were already there and yes, there is a working light in the closet and when turned on at night, is just beautiful.  Hey, if you want to see these things on, just look right HERE!
Space for over-flow is to the right . My knitted dresses and suits are housed, here. The top space is for sewing supplies needed for knitting.
Those four containers on the right? Leftover stash organized by weight . . bulky on bottom, fingering weight on top.  Such easy accessibility.
my precious Vogue Knitting collection . . .
There is no curtain on that back window because I love the view. That is where I sit and can view my sweater nook. ahhhhh
Would love to ditch that other curtain but you can see the sun streaming in. This is the view from the doorway. Heaven.

Until my next critique (after travel), me thinks this looks pretty good!

7 responses to “Creative Space Revisited . . . Again”

  1. Everything looks lovely, Holly and so well organized! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of where you work and plan your gorgeous garments.

    I have my stash in Ravelry and love the excel type of spreadsheet organized by yarn weight that Ravelry provides. I started getting digital copies of Vogue Knitting since moving/downsizing to the Niagara, Ontario area 2 years ago, It took some time, but I love the digital issues now, especially given that I have them with me when travelling.


    • Karen: It is so nice to have these creative options at this time of internet and all things cyberspace. Like you are utilizing online Ravelry options, I find adding this element of online activity has boosted my want for more skills, has inspired me by viewing and reading other people’s ideas, and has helped to organize my thinking as to the knitter I want to be. Thank you for your kind words and I am enjoying my newly organized space.


    • thank you, Agnes! For many, many years I did not have this space. I am finding a few advantages living as a Senior! Meanwhile, you are in the mystical and wonderful fairyland I call Europe?

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  2. I love that room, such a sunny color, and beautiful Windows. A room worthy to hold your knits and supplies. 😀 I love to come home from a trip no matter how great it was, getting home with fresh eyes is a good thing.


    • Thank you, Sarah. This room was my daughter’s bedroom, my office, and now my yarn room. All three had/have different aspects of a bit of heaven. Fresh eyes . . .yes, you describe it perfectly! Hope this comment finds you feeling well!


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