Month: June 2016

Childhood Dream

“When I grow up I will have my own house.” Her inner voice would repeat “My own place, yes complete with a pet.” Her childhood dream. Closing the door to what ailed her, She wished away the years to adulthood She plotted, “Now I’ll sneak around. . . A little cape may do.” Marriage, children, work. Common living, The little house served the family well. The family thrived, The home owner, however her dream, not quite fulfilled. Years of banter as it was no longer a decision for one She struggled.  “Maybe, I’ll sneak around to find a dwelling of satisfaction.” Oh, boy a quiet little block quaint and serine A lovely neighborhood it might just work They all agreed. Long settled in their home they are getting older now which is presenting new questions about their abode This dream of childhood is returning to the center of their attention. When does a person own a house When does a house ‘own’ its owner? They have no answers right now. But she is coming to realize the dream is not about the house rather the memories that are formed inside.

Level One Knitwear Designing, Make it Your Own

No, I am not officially a knitwear designer however the concept of designing knitwear, to me, has many levels.  When I think of top level knitwear designers, the people who come to mind are those who have had multiple original designs published in major knitting magazines.  Yarn companies hire these people to design using their yarns.  Then, there are the knitwear designers who design and sell from their own etsy shop, website, or the like.  You see many fledgling designers such as these on Ravelry.   And, then there are the knitters who have the ability to take a published pattern and make it their own with modifications, alterations, shape changing, yarn choice, color changing, to name a few ideas.   The later would best define where I am in the designing of my own hand knits.    With this particular project, this level one designer in me came out loud and clear. Motivated to learn a new method called the two-tone cable technique, being taught at the local Guild, the sweater itself did not call to me so much.  Don’t get me wrong, it …

Two Tone Cable Pullover ~ The Pattern

  The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is not only a friendly organization where one meets people who are passionate about knitting but the Guild is also very serious in its purpose and programming.  The two ladies deemed program chairs leave no stone unturned in providing ideas for programs and seeing those ideas to fruition.  It was in this way I became aware of Buffalo native and knitwear designer Heather Lodinsky and her two-tone cable method as this was the program topic at one of our monthly meetings.   I am someone who likes to get the most out of anything I join so when I realized this technique was the highlight of a monthly meeting and not knowing how this technique was done, I jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks before to see what the pattern and the technique were all about.  I knew a bit about Heather, knew she was a teacher at a then local yarn shop but not having the time to fraternize with anyone local about knitting during my employment years, she was someone I …