Little Red Wagon

I recently heard someone say of her house, “This is not a house of yarn.”  She and I were looking to repair a knitted hat and she was fearing she did not have yarn or supplies we could use.  With that criteria one would say that this home is a house of yarn.  And, I am always looking for new, functional, and creative ways in which to store it.  And, the projects.  And, the works-in-progress.  And, the knitting tools.

My goal:  convenience, cleanliness, free of dog destruction, least amount of space, variety, and attractive.  I love perusing yarn rooms and often talk to knitters about their space.  When you google yarn rooms or craft rooms, you see oodles of shelving either lining walls or mounted on walls.  I do think shelving is handy however, I was recently in a local yarn shop, Raveloe Fibers and quickly became inspired by how the yarn shop owner displays her new yarns.  She uses antique suitcases, here and there, some opened, some stacked, some vertical, some horizontal.  Something about the juxtaposition of old (antique) and new was very appealing to me and I felt added an artistic appeal to her shop as well as variety in storage.   The suitcases drew me in to want to investigate further their contents, I would think the goal of her shop, any shop.  I’ve written about organizing yarn and supplies before here, here, and here and being a kind of organizational geek, I continue to tweak a ‘system’ that works for me.  Here is what is working along with some added features, ideas that may work for you.  Hang tight, this is a three room tour!

Knitting Tools to Enhance Knitting Space (aka Our Living Room)  

My shelving bin is working beautifully for my works-in-progress.  We have found an out-of-the-way spot, away from sunlight, near where I knit for easy reach and my projects are free from dirt, dust, and dog.  I’ve added a few things to make this space even better.

Likely, you’ve thought of sewing caddies for knitting supplies.  But, did you ever think to ‘borrow’ from your hubby’s fishing supplies . . . those little boxes for holding lures are working perfectly for all my little knitting tools such as row markers, stitch markers, and the like.

Purchased from an office supplies store, a 3 ” binder is ideal for me to store round needles and is easily placed on a book case, an inconspicuous spot.   From the kitchen, I’ve pulled a ceramic pitcher as it makes a nice, decorative holder for my straights.

Another kitchen item I find useful are trays.  I think I purchased these from Joann Fabrics a few years, back.  I use a tray for each project to hold the tools I need specific to each project.  There is no running around losing time and adding frustration.  If I have more than one project going at once, which happens now on occasion, there are multiple trays.  They also make for easy, quick pick-up and fit easily into the shelving bin.


Finished Projects Space (aka Guest Bedroom)   

Moving to the second room, the space and shelving that holds my finished projects is nothing more than industrial shelving.  Sounds awful but is working so ideally, I’ve doubled it in size replacing an old shelving unit.  Together these utility shelves offer these qualities:  keeps hand knits clean from dust and sun, can see all garments, easy access, piles of sweaters not falling over, and tucks behind door.  The flatter bins can store those speciality projects such as my Hoodie Glam providing the air and space they need to keep their shape and elegance.  I keep just one project or two in them.

Hoodie Glam as seen on Ravelry

That space can fit about 100 projects from super bulky to the finest of yarns due to those bin sizes and the room is not altered at all for its other multi-functional purposes.  Yeah!  Oh, and by the way the shelving is lightweight, easily movable, can be folded up and stored away (I’m talking about the shelving) and was put together in about five minutes by me only and the entire idea including all of the plastic bins and their covers came in under $200.00!


Yarn Stash Space and Yarn Room Space (aka office/yarn room)   

And, the third room on this tour is my piece of heaven.  Of course, I am no different and utilize book cases for office supplies and yarn bundles of remnants put together and projects I could not get to during employment.

Yarn room tools ~  Sweater racks lean against the wall in storage, come out for thorough drying after blocking, and of course, what yarn room wouldn’t be complete without a yarn winder and swift? Having ample table space allows creative energies to flow.

Sewing supplies  (a must for knitters) ~  I’ve asked for the closet door to be removed for quick, easy access.  That’s a fabric shoe holder hanging from the clothes pole.  It makes perfect storage for all kinds of sewing supplies.  A thankless job is to sort those buttons.  I’ve worked through about half of them.  The container below the tray has dividers separating size, color, style, etc.

Your more typical yarn containers are here.  Those Guild bags are ideal for sorting and holding projects.

Hubby was so thrilled when his Brooks Professional saddle arrived and I was so thrilled with its box!  Perfect for yarn scraps!

I had in the back of my head that inspiration of antique suitcases.  Not an easy combination, creativity and function, however when I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods recently, I saw this wagon.  It stopped me dead.  Yes, a wagon meant for hauling sports equipment or camping supplies, my mind went immediately to THIS!

I love the concept of the traditional red wagon.  I love the concept of its sports-like nature.  Somehow  its attitude brings my interest of health and wellness into this space and I appreciate it even more.  Just look how this newest addition fits in against the wall!  Keeping open to using containers not necessarily meant for knitting has given my space a unique feel unto itself.

I do enjoy organizing and am always interested in new and improved solutions in the handling of this knitting ‘obsession’.  I work hard to capture the beauty of the process but at the same time want to  be respectful to the space of others.  Share and share alike if you have any ideas that are working particularly well for you!




9 responses to “Little Red Wagon”

  1. The house that I recently purchased had a tiny, tiny room… One wall was just big enough for ‘taller than me’ industrial shelving. I did put it together by myself, but, I had to have a male friend lift the top shelf in place because… I just wasn’t tall enough. I have yarn/etc stored in it.

    I have plastic boxes stacked in these shelves. This small room has 3 doors which makes using the other areas for storage pretty limited.

    In my living room, I have on going projects stored in a wicker basket with a lid that is stashed under a table. I keep needles, etc in zipper bags that I also keep this basket.

    I now have 2 cats so I have learned that I must put the knitting away.


    • wow. All I can say is this seems eerily similar. Don’t you just love your industrial shelving? I think of all my containers and ways of organizing, those shelves with their bins holding all of my finished projects securely, neatly, and attractively is my favorite thing regarding the system I have devised. HA, those damn but beloved animals that control our lives. . . . yes, dirt, dust, and dog in my case. I always wondered how people knitted with cats around. Thank you for sharing, Jeannie and now I am off to see if you have pictures of your organization on your blog.


      • Doubtful that I have any photos of the yarn storage system on my blog because when I was living overseas… I just kept these big plastic boxes and tote bags full of yarn or projects was just stacked in a corner of an extra room or something… I was always in rentals and some places were huge and some were much smaller.

        I did have very sturdy wicker shelving, with doors, to hold lots of the messy craft/knitting projects but I sold most of them (too cheap) before I moved back to the states. I do still have 2 of them, but I do wish that I had kept more of them!


        • understand completely. I will say when it comes to organizing and using space most efficiently, NOT moving about is an asset. Meaning, you really come to know your space and how best to utilize it because you’ve enjoyed that space for so long. Bloom where you are . . . used to be the name of my blog, believe it or not. At any rate, it is nice to make your acquaintance and share our systems of fun.


  2. very nice! You are so organized, and making (good) alternative use of things makes the space so much prettier, I think. The wagon is wonderful, and I am so glad you found it.

    Love the industrial shelving in the guest room – it seems like a good versatile solution to safe storage. You remind me that I need to get my crafting areas organized enough to not be embarrassed to have photos on the internet so I can share them with you. Some things we do similarly, some are different. I use fishing tackle boxes for scrapbook supplies, but not knitting. Hmmmm.


  3. Ha, love that red wagon. So roomy and original. You have a knitter’s dream space. I’m not sure how big my space will br in our new home, but I do hope to find a house with an office room that can double up as craft room. Thanks for sharing your space and organizational tips.


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