Mom Strong

The other night I was asked to define this term.  It was my daughter who asked and I took the request seriously.  I played around with the concept wondering if ‘MomStrong’ was a noun, verb, or adjective realizing it is truly all of them.  I gave considerable attention to its definition.  My daughter explained defining the term was the theme of the week at her place of work.

Mother’s Day gift shopping that’s stress free? Join us all week for complimentary cards, wrapping, and gift ideas that celebrate the incredible woman she is.

And, she explained I could read other entries others posted on their Facebook page.  It has been fun for me to read the entries and thought you might enjoy, too.  Some of the quotes had photos which can be seen in the link, here.  Some quotes are from mothers while others are from the child’s point of view:

“If there’s anything my mom taught me, it’s to live without limitations and to practice unconditional love. It frees you.”

She’s always running somewhere; the finish line of a half marathon, soccer games on the weekend, PTA meetings. Brightens up all her errands with a pop of color!
“My mom was always able to accomplish everything she needed to get done in one day – I don’t know how she did it! I hope I’ll have her ambition, dedication, and patience.”

Must provide clean laundry, large amounts of food, side-line support, and transportation to and from games and practices. Must be skilled in patience, persistence, time-management, humor. Pay is ZERO dollars. Reward is an immeasurable and unequaled bond with a young man growing up to be the best version of himself.
~Debbie Taneyhill
Tysons Corner lululemon ambassador

A strong mom overlooks the messes and sees the events that grew her family that day. Someone who puts her family first, but remembers she is important too. She is faithful, dedicated, and sometimes a hot mess. She loves endlessly and can hold the weight of her entire family, big or small, in her arms.
~Traci Griffin
Tysons Corner lululemon team member

“She always made everything seem so easy. You don’t really appreciate that until you get older.”

I said:
#Momstrong: a mother who is strong enough to listen to her child even when the words are difficult to hear, is steadfast and willing to guide that child in a direction of independence, and knows how to teach that child love; the ability to let her child fly.
~Holly Olmstead
Jill’s Mom
Tyson’s Corner lululemon team member

My mom is pictured here in her famous hand knits; always paired with lululemon!
~Jill Olmstead


And, from my step-son, this amazing bouquet of flowers . . .


Whether in the form of prose, photos, or flowers, recognition from your children on ANY Day makes the World a better place.  I thank both from the bottom of my heart.


And, a warm Happy Mother’s Day, to whom I dedicate this blog post, to my own Mother who taught me those very skills of listening, independence, and love as without her teachings, my children would be without.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I will call you later!

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