Yarn Fest or Yarn Fast . . . or both!

The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo is hosting its annual Yarn Fest.  Vendors far and wide have been invited to share their wares and tease us with their latest color ways, fibers, and other such goodies.  Knitting lessons and/or help as well as other goodies will be there and, of course, to us knitters, crocheters, spinners, and other such yarnies, we will be thrilled with the display and it will be like Christmas all over again.  Of course, I want to support this event being an active member of the organization.

It also happens that I’ve spent many an hour these last few weeks taking down my own yarn stash.

stash scrap

When I say taking down, I mean taking off the shelf every yarn ball I’ve ever purchased and making sure it is used to its and my best advantage.  I’ve set a goal of not purchasing any new yarn this year, an actual yarn fast!  I’ve been talking about this is recent posts, specifically here.   Aside from the bundles of yarn I’ve created and re-created for current and wearable garments, I’ve also gone into the remnant stash, organized it by characteristics of weight and color to see what I may discover.  Four projects have surfaced from this effort having successfully completed a bulky topper designed by Mari Lynn Patrick as seen in Vogue Knitting Fall 2011 using remnants from three projects and await cooperative weather for a photo shoot.

This is Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Bulky, one of the three yarns used.

Here is the second project that I am currently knitting utilizing worsted weight yarn, remnants from nine recently completed projects.  This will be a fair isle coat designed by Yoko Hatta as seen in Vogue Knitting, Fall 2013 and pictured, below.


I’ve got all the yarn organized in this fabric box for easy retrieval and color organizing.

It seems like a yarn fest and a yarn fast are unfortunately at opposing ends of one’s actions.  So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to support both and I think I’ve come up with an idea!

Truly, the bundles of yarn in my collection for specific projects are a done deal in my mind, meaning I am not going to touch them.  However, I’ve also decided that the remnant yarn, no matter how planned at this moment, be given permission for freedom of change, to allow myself creative flexibility.  This means that when I am at the yarn fest, no matter how efficient or well planned I feel my future plans are in utilizing my yarn,  in particular the remnant stash, I will be open to looking at and purchasing small amounts of new yarn that could supplement, maybe add texture, or color to the ideas I have or put me in a new direction that might be even better!  This will make the event fun for me while remaining within the grasp of my goal.

Here is an example of yarn that was slated for one thing but has perfectly fit the bill for another.  This is not an easy thing for me to do and I am beginning to enjoy this process of change.  This is Berroco Lustra that is being made into a two-tone cable sweater, design by Heather Lodinsky.  More about this when completed.


So, with one month or so to go and acceptance within myself for some play,  excitement is building for Yarn Fest 2016!  Hope to see you, there!

4 responses to “Yarn Fest or Yarn Fast . . . or both!”

  1. I am going through a yarn fast too, my stash is still so big that I cannot buy more. Your ongoing projects are gorgeous. The Fair Isle coat is going to be wonderful, I’m sure. So enjoy your yarn fest in moderation, as planned. ;-)


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