Pebble in the Water

Pebble tossed in the water does not move
yet its ripples reach wide and far

Sometimes decisions are difficult to make
While life continues in its fury.

So, the yarn stash remains still
Pattern overload in full throttle

Blog shows lifeless
While ideas are abundant

Running clothes neatly folded
Rather odd for ‘an athlete’ in training

The pebble in the water needs another toss
Who knows where it might land.

4 responses to “Pebble in the Water”

  1. Hello Holly,
    Greetings. I am intrigued by your “ole knitting” dilemma. Are you wanting to give time for your designer talent to emerge? Are you burdened by too many projects? I am a bit restless with a need to prioritize my stash and to do some planning. It does detract a bit from knitting feeling like a leisurely activity. I like your poem and look forward to a resolution when it comes.


    • Barbara, It is amazing how a stash of yarn can feel like a noose around one’s neck, or at least mine. I have just spent the last few weeks organizing the yarn stash so it is manageable and that even included returning up to 3 bundles of yarn, a very difficult thing to do. So, now that I am in control of my purchasing power, I am only knitting from yarn I have. There are the planned projects, no problem there. Right now, however I have it in my head to knit from the ‘left-over’ stash. I am working on the bulky weights and have changed my mind many, many times. I am annoying myself. But, I think I may be on to a project that shall work with the yarn I have and excite my fashion interest, as well. Now, there also needs to be time for my running and community work. I am still trying to get a handle on time. There is still not enough time even in retirement. Design work, not yet as I want to take the next two years, work my stash to a bare minimum, work up these lovely projects I’ve wanted to knit forever. Then, I am thinking my brain will be clear for designing.


    • I suppose there is truth to that but without a clear decision about that ‘ole knitting, I resorted to writing. It actually helped to get my head on! really!


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