Month: January 2016

Pebble in the Water

Pebble tossed in the water does not move yet its ripples reach wide and far Sometimes decisions are difficult to make While life continues in its fury. So, the yarn stash remains still Pattern overload in full throttle Blog shows lifeless While ideas are abundant Running clothes neatly folded Rather odd for ‘an athlete’ in training The pebble in the water needs another toss Who knows where it might land.

Stash Talk, Again

Stash.  Definition:  stash 1 |staSH| informal verb [ with obj. ] store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place: their wealth had been stashed away in Swiss banks. noun 1 a secret store of something: the man grudgingly handed over a stash of notes. • a quantity of an illegal drug, especially one kept for personal use: one prisoner tried to swallow his stash. 2 dated a hiding place or hideout.


One of my goals as I entered into retirement was to knit from my stash.  The stash I am talking about includes patterns I have loved and collected over time and/or the bundles of yarn that were purchased at a time when I thought I could knit a particular project.  I suppose enthusiasm outweighs time, at least that is my case, so in my new state of retirement, I am addressing this.  This project is an example of that.  I don’t even know where I first saw this pattern as I do not subscribe to Interweave Knits but I have been following Teva Durham, the creative designer since being aware of her work through Vogue Knitting.  The pattern is called Renaissance Tunic, as you will see, for obvious reasons.  And, I am thrilled to finally be adding this to my wardrobe.

Mitts Update

“Mikey Likes it!” You may remember a slogan from a commercial some years back where kids push off the then-new cereal, Life to Mikey, who was too young to realize the product was being touted as healthy.   Ends up that Mikey’s happy so the older boys accept that the cereal might have good flavor as well as nutritional value.  As the boys were in anticipation of reaction, I was in anticipation of feedback whether my daughter liked her hand knitted Hedgehog Mitts.  And, I indeed heard word that ‘Mikey likes them!’  I believe the exact words were, “They are perfect!”  (Keep in mind we are serious animal lovers, here.)  And, in fact, she is seizing the opportunity with her now retired Mother requesting that every gift from this point on (from me) be hand-knitted.  Smart girl.  And, by the looks of things she is not the only one finding some bit of humor and joy in them. ok, now I am getting silly . . .