Month: December 2015

Hedgehog Mitts as Wearable Whimsy

I am not a knitter of mittens, in fact I believe this was my first pair.  I saw this kit, yes kit, complete with Morehouse Merino 2-Ply and pattern, a Morehouse Original.  It came with a little scrap of the darker brown for the noses as well as the four beads for the eyes.  I believe this was also the first kit I’ve ever knitted.  I was taken with the mittens’ cuteness. I don’t quite know how to size for mittens.  Should they hang loose or tight?  The pattern did not include ribbing at the cuffs, now in retrospect do I wish I had added ribbing?  Is the thumb too long?  Are the noses the right shape and in proportion with the body?  Am I being too critical and likely the answer  is yes and of course, all of the answers are up to the individual knitter.  I knitted these for my daughter and I am hoping she likes them.  I think that when I knit for someone again, I may take the mystery out of it as it has …

A Gift Idea

Please join me in welcoming guest, Tom Melby.  He is the owner and director of an animal shearing equipment company called Clippers Ireland.  He says, “I am passionate about wool, and recently created an infographic entitled ‘The Complete Beginners Guide to Knitting’.”   He has asked for it to be posted here on Holly Knits thinking that readers might enjoy.   I am wondering if it can serve as inspiration for gift giving . . . a gift of a set of lessons, or a package of knitting inquiry or a box of yarn . . “touch me, you’ll fall in love with me.”  You get the idea.  And, of course I am happy to give Tom the spotlight as anyone who is passionate about wool is a friend of mine!

It Takes Time

It is supposed to snow in December a Winter Wonderland to unfold With winds expecting to blow The air meaning to be chilly. It is expected to honor the calendar The decorations to go up Lights to beautify and celebrate cleaning and preparations to be well underway During a holiday season. It is Nature’s way geese flying South Mallards wading softly Cardinals singing Patterns we identify in our neighborhood. The heart has a rhythm The couple has a plan The knitted fabric supposing to grow. It is what has come to us as natural. But, when the world presents itself with surprises, Modern Earth planning differently, and we are witness to things out of our control The life beat interrupts And, one has to cope with a new reality It takes time.