Retirement Identity

Retirement identity?  So, you thought you knew who you were?  Well, the truth is you knew who you were but part of the emotional preparation behind retirement is realizing you will need to find out who you are all over, again as everything in your life becomes upheaved the minute you begin your retirement.  Well, these items, below are helping me regain my confidence and identification of self.

Labels!  With my logo and blog name!  I’ve been sewing labels in my hand knits all along but having just run out, I’ve decided to update in this way!  Great price, option for speedy service, and a particularly well-organized online store called The/Studio, these are 3″ by .5″ woven onto damask.   Can’t wait to sew on these labels to spruce up my future projects.  Fiverr‘s Graphic Arts department helped with the logo design.

It makes you really think about your identity when designing business cards.  I can’t begin to tell you how many revisions these went through.  Using Vistaprint‘s great online templates aided in the look and feel.  I felt it important to continue with the theme of logo and blog but also to keep generic to remain applicable over time.  To me, these are artsy and minimal and I love their impressionistic look.  Why do I need business cards?  Now, I am not totally sure.  What I do know is I will carry them on my person and seize the opportunity to pass them out when the opportunity arises.

Yes, these are snow shoes and poles, two sets, tags still attached and laying on a table in waiting.  Hubby and I happily purchased these this past week at Eastern Mountain Sports and we cannot wait for the snow to fly.  We are well into our exercise routine and know it is just a matter of time before the bikes are put away and these are pulled out.

Yesl, I’ve gone and done it.  I am now a member of OrangeTheory Fitness here at home.  After visiting my daughter and taking a class written about here, I became hooked.  I notice that when I am engaged in a variety of physical activities, all of them are more fun.  Running remains my main sport but these extra-curriculars of biking, snow shoeing, and OTF classes are supporting my running and long term goal of marathon.  The t-shirt came with the purchase of membership.  The hat was a gift a year ago from my daughter but now has more meaning.

I knew that I would eventually find some kind of job or activity, a way to give back to the community.  I didn’t realize how quickly it might happen.  Of these items here, I am most excited about becoming the Publication Chairperson for The Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo.  I see oodles of writing opportunities under this ‘title’ such as writing press releases, publishing reviews for the newsletter, and writing posts as Admin on its FB page!  Likely other duties will emerge, as well.  May I invite you to “like” our FB page!  Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo

I reckon I will continue to search to seek a clear understanding of my new identity during this early part of my retirement.

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