Month: September 2015

Fiber Festival Inspiration

There really IS a world beyond the classroom, I am discovering, and this weekend, this new world took me to my first fiber festival, the 11th annual Fiber Arts Festival of NY.   Part of the adventure was representing the Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo by volunteering to table-sit and meet folks who were inquiring about the guild and, of course the other part was to explore the many tents of fiber artists and have fun.

Almonds? Nipples? They are Short Rows!

Sock yarn, miles and miles of stockinette, short rows, pattern directions about 12 pages long, and an odd shaping of the garment are the hallmarks of this project, designed by the talented Atelier-alfa from Ravelry.  And, when you think you are finally getting somewhere, you hold up your beautiful project and notice OH, NOOO!  My sweater has nipples! Let me go step by step and explain.  Sock yarn.  That means you use yarn that typically is used in knitting socks … gauge of 25 sts and 36 rows stockinette = 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm). Well, this garment is 30 inches from side seam to side seam (meaning 60″ around total) and hangs fairly long in the back which leads me its odd shaping.  It’s almost more poncho-like in shape with something like 64 stitches at first around the neck with a continual increase along the shoulders to near 600 stitches in ONE round as you work towards the hemline.  And, then there are these skinny sleeves sticking out done in rib with an interesting detail along the side.  You …

Knitting, Nicky, and New

In keeping with the theme of “new possibilities” at this time of rebirth, aka retirement, I am excited to say there is more to report!  Actually, a few new things.  Odd as it may seem, I have never belonged to an established knitting group.  I felt what little time I had for knitting during the child-rearing and employment years could best be spent with actual knitting rather than traveling to do the same.  There are a few exceptions as I recall a year or two where a few of us colleagues met about 1x/month, rotated to each other’s homes and attempted to knit.  Attempted, I say because we were so busy chatting about school life as school life doesn’t allow time for such chit chat, the knitting needles barely came out.  And, then there were the sessions with the lovely neighbor who, to this day, I credit for my inspiration to knit.  Her beautiful stockinette suits with picot raglan sleeves and straight skirts sent me into a love affair I still have today.  Aside from these two experiences, it’s been …

Orangetheory Fitness

If retirement is about revisiting possibilities for one’s body and mind, then let me tell you, EVERYTHING I just experienced fits into this category. To alleviate some sadness with the new school year starting without me, I purposely planned a visit mid-September to see my daughter.  Of course, it is always great to see her but I must say this trip did indeed fulfill the task of perfect distraction for me. When I visit my daughter, I never know what I might be getting into.  You see, she works hard thinking about her core values and belief system.  This notion had its beginnings during the college years and seems to be continuing through these employment years. From teaching high school art, teaching yoga, working in art studios and for independent artists, working retail, and currently holding a managerial position at a fitness studio, she continues to seek what she believes in and what makes her happy.  This creates surprises and unknowns when I visit.

Sporty Car Coat

When you hear an announcement of a baby who is going to be born, it is always exciting.  When you hear an announcement of a baby who is going to be born and you are a knitter and have time to work up a little something, it is even MORE exciting.  Especially when the newborn is going to be a member of the family! So, upstairs I went to my ‘yarn shop’ remembering that one of my goals was NOT to purchase any new yarn this entire year.  I had in mind a little book of baby patterns called Sublime that I purchased years ago hoping then, that one day, I would be knitting for babies. I had an initial idea of what I was going to make and what yarn I might choose.  Upon studying the pattern’s gauge, I realized quickly that the yarn I had in mind was not compatible with the pattern.  Looking through the many bundles I have in my stash, I found what I thought would work, a washable merino (bands gone for clearer content), however I concerned …

Top Ten reasons why Retirement is Hard WORK

TEN:  Imperfections of the house are staring you in the face . . . at all times. NINE:  There IS time for exercise. EIGHT:  Coffee breaks are not alone but with your pooch who needs your ‘watching’. SEVEN:  You think there is more time than there is. SIX:  Even your own grooming needs self-direction. FIVE:  You can’t sleep in because your internal clock from years of work won’t stop. FOUR:  Hubby mentions to you that you are annoying. THREE:  There is no job description given to you of duties and responsibilities of your new position as retiree. TWO:  The house becomes LESS organized as you move from one activity to another. AND ONE:  All your friends have gone back to work.  

Dog’s Day During Allergy Season

snore snore snore lick lick lick lick scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp pant pant pant pant pant clammer, clink, clunk, clammer, clink, clunk pound pound pound lick lick lick lick scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch lap lap lap lap lap jump run jump run run run run pee lick lick lick lick scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp run run run lick lick lick lick scratch, sniff, sneeze, slurp slurp slurp jump sleepy sleepy sneeze snore snore snore . . .