A New Skill Set needed for Knitting

A new skill set was needed when I entered into the world of social networking to post my knitting.  It was called photography!  The how-to, what equipment, the where to go.  Questions were endless and thank goodness, so were the photos on Ravelry.  And by perusing, believe you me, you learn quickly how important this skill is!   You then find yourself in camera shops, thinking about white space, lighting, and angles.  All because of knitting.  Skim around yourself and you’ll see what I mean.   After drooling at the … photography  (I know, you thought I was going to say knitting), I picked my tongue up, turned to myself, utilizing the wonderful photos I was viewing as inspiration, and thought.. hmm… how could I present my works of art?

I perused many a photo.  I studied them.  I took notes (in my mind) on what I liked and I noticed how the person presented their knitting.  Interestingly, I was not so much looking at the knitting, itself but rather how the knitter presented his/her knitting to the viewing audience. Done well, you notice a cohesiveness among all of the projects, an aesthetic that lends itself to the beauty of the hand knit as well as shows off the point of view of the artist/knitter.  Here are some examples.  Let’s take Boknits.  She is a designer who shows off her great talent in designing by utilizing a gorgeous young model who gives a fresh, clean look to all of her patterns.  Another example is the duo team of A-ko and Kjord.   Using an artist’s touch, dark luscious backgrounds, and creative poses, these photos give the hand knits on both of these project pages an identity of mystique and sensual appeal of their own.  In each example, the knitter utilized a great resource to enhance their knitting, one used youth, the other collaboration.  And, of course I could give you many more examples.  Ravelry had become the perfect mentor for me to think about how I wanted to present my creations.

So, what resource do I have / could I use / did I like?  I learned by viewing the photographs, my interest leaned more towards the outdoor shots.  I knew there was possibility in succeeding.  ok, good first step.  However, I didn’t want every photo to have the same backdrop of, say, our backyard.  One thing led to another and with a willing partner (hubby), our idea was born.  We realized we could use history as our muse.

So, loving my hand knits as I do and finding it important (to me) to present them in a beautiful and meaningful way, my hubby with a small digital camera or iPhone and I, decided to go about town, choosing places of significance to us, simple places, every day places and with an effort of coordination of the project to its surroundings, bring to life these hand knits as a kind of photographic memoir. This would not only highlight the work, but also serve as a keepsake in years to come.   Here is a link to my new tab on my blog entitled Fashionee that will now grow as I continue this journey.

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