To blog or not to blog, that be the question

IMG_0393To blog or not to blog?
Is blogging work or leisure?
I love thought-provoking questions such as these, recently seen on WordPress, and I’ve been contemplating how I might respond.

I think the answer to both questions is surrounded by one’s purpose.  And, what I mean is there are as many reasons to write a blog as there are bloggers. And, likely many reasons not to write a blog. Each blogger probably began with an idea or a unique purpose for their writing.  I mean you gotta have an idea!  In some cases, to share or chat or find commonalities to others or make connections. Maybe, even to find answers! Example of that is retirementtransition.  The author is carefully and strategically reinventing herself with a new sense of identity with her new phase in life.  In some cases, blogs are written to teach or inform like Live to Write – Write to Live.  I love that blog and am learning a thing or two.  (who vs. that, a common mistake of mine)  I think my favorite are the learning blogs.  Then, there are those who utilize social networking aka WordPress that is then linked to their Linkedin and/or Twitter accounts for their business as in Kate Davies Designs.  How lucky to have this resource in which to do so.  Her blog in particular, is so beautiful with its photography and equally compelling writing, whether you like knitting or not, it’s a treat.  Actually those blogs are the person’s business where patterns are sold, the author advertises the books they’ve written and the like. Oh, and I can’t forget the poetry blogs like O at the Edges I love to read them, too but admittedly cannot always interpret what the author is intending.  (And, no, I do not beat myself up about that.)

Over time the original purpose for that blogger may change. Or the topic may grow into more topics or different topics. Oftentimes, as the author’s life changes or shifts, so does the topic in which the author writes.  Then, of course, the time one can give their blog, changes. There are endless answers to these original questions. So, of course, I can only speak for me. I am very much enjoying writing posts, find some posts much easier to write than others so when the words are not flowing, the process is a bit more tedious and because the purpose of my blog is more of a journal, it is leisure in format, hopefully informing in content. When I don’t have time, I do not post. Some say more successful blogs have more of a routine of publishing aka. every Tuesday like in Aunt Beulah.  The author of that blog doesn’t miss a beat.

There are a scant few blogs that I find are more about the person than the message.  I, for one, avoid those and those blogs will remain nameless.  These are my observations thus far.

Much like the questions or ideas thrown out there by others, I have one nagging inquiry that I ponder a lot within myself. It is along the lines of motivation, specifically what creates the power or the motivation in anyone’s life to do anything whether it be to blog, to exercise, to read, (as examples)? Why does one run that extra mile when not on a team or rip out their project when really it was already completed. The motivating factor. So, in my current phase of life, retirement, what is the fuel or power that gets a person to actually act on anything? Not the what to do, but the making it happen, the actualization of it. I think about that a lot.

And, I believe I have some ideas. Do you?