Knitting is Part of the Plan

As I begin this journey (retirement) into the unknown, I am allowing myself to meander freely around and about the house going here, then there, not with any great decisive purpose (just yet) and am secretly eavesdropping on my movements and feelings.  So, between you and me, these are few of my observations on myself:

I am wanting to keep a schedule.  Even to the point of purchasing a calendar.  So, I did.  Now, it isn’t the size of a plan book, however at the counter viewing the masses of calendars available (couldn’t believe the assortment), I contemplated such a design.  (I am retired from teaching, in case you didn’t figure that out.)  The calendar is just a small pocket one, at this point, as I am noticing I do not want to lose track of what day it is.

I want mornings set aside for out-door something.  Whether it be a run, walk, bike ride, or garden work, somehow I am feeling I want a daily dose of that good fresh air and I want it to occur in the mornings.

I like naps.  Preferably a short one about mid-day.

I love that I can do laundry and iron on a Monday, or any weekday for that matter.

I cannot knit for more than a few hours at a time.  Not that I don’t want to.  It has nothing to do with knitting but everything to do with age.  Odd that now that I have the time, my body is telling me something different.  So, I am knitting and using house chores in between as those stretch opportunities.

I love knitting at night.  I am physically tired by night, and I have no homework!  Now, you’re going to say well of course not, it’s summer.  But, the general public does not realize that teachers think about school and their work 365.25 days and if a summer day calls them to do something for their job, then they do it.  And, I typically would do my homework at night.  So, it’s like I’m rebelling by knitting.  Then, I tell myself oh, wait!  No homework!

I fear the retiree expression, “Every day is a Saturday.” as I want to stay relevant and productive.  Historically, Saturdays were set aside from any kind of productivity.  It was always considered a day of rest.  There were many Saturdays picking up a pair of knitting needles was too much.  Empty ones!  For relevance and productivity, to me that means reading and writing.  My new gorgeous laptop, blog writing and my current read, King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard is helping me with that right now.  This idea of relevance or having purpose needs further investigation.

I do not want to set any goals, yet.  However, there is a kitchen goal that has somehow organically developed.  I will explain in another post.  In the meantime, I think this eavesdropping is fun AND informing, so will stay with it a bit longer.

My hubby and I have very different views on retirement.

I am writing this list to have it time stamped.  Then, in a few months, I will visit it to see if these thoughts are the same or different as the ones I will be thinking, then.  This may help me begin to formulate what direction I want to take.

They, meaning retirees, say that it takes a year to adjust to this new phase in one’s life.  I am beginning to think I agree!