Retirement Keepsake

It was a lovely gauntlet of receptions, recognitions, gatherings, presentations, and gifts as one career has now ended for each of us.  We called it our “transition” rather than our retirement.  They do say 60 is the new 40 so if that be the case, I see the next decade as a second opportunity for discovery such as what more may I offer to the community and/or to myself.  Much like the caterpillar will endure a transformation, (funny, I was making a connection with it rather than shooing it away) I will be taking these next few months reflecting on where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, and where  I want to go having every expectation of finding a new direction for my life.

A bit about the collage above ~

The Ella Rae yarn was purchased with a gift certificate from a yarn boutique called Raveloe Fibers.  The shop shares space with the gift shop, Kissel Country Tin.  (I believe it is a mother/daughter effort.)  It was a surprise gift to me from one of the schools in the District.  And, yes the pattern is chosen for it.  Check it out, here.  Ok, I’ll post a picture.

cabled tunic

In the same photograph, the little yellow post-it, however simple looking, was a gift from the other school of importance to me.  It represents a donation that was made on my behalf to Claddagh Commission, on behalf of my sister.  Each school’s gift was beautifully representative of the culture and clientele of that building and was greatly appreciated.  The mixed media silver and leather bracelet is a lovely handmade and is from the group of girls I worked with closely, especially this last year.  Of course, it is always nice to earn a school athletic letter and this one is mounted as a wall plaque.  Eat your heart out, all you athletes out there!  The pony tail picture is a reminder of my hair saga that somehow developed over the last few years.  As the story goes, I was teased for rarely wearing my hair down.  I tried explaining that I get too hot wearing it down and it gets in the way.  The teasing continued.  So, for one of the retirement receptions, I obliged.   And, I must speak about the Oliver’s dinner treat, a meal to be envied that was such an over-the-top gift from two besties.  I will not forget their generosity nor my husband’s jealousy that night.  If you’ve ever eaten there, you will understand.  Finally, the picture of me in my red tunic is a project I knitted special for the event.  It’s quite the process story that needs to be told and so will be shared when we have a photo shoot for it.  Stay tuned!

So, now, with this post, I feel officially transitioned and am excited for what lies, ahead.


7 responses to “Retirement Keepsake”

  1. Hello Holly. I just started my own blog and surprisingly it is called Retirement Transition! I was looking for others in a similar place as me to connect with, and help (hold hands) through this transition. I have been retired a year now and am still working through things like who do I want to be in this new lifestage. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.


    • Oh, I feel like we’ve read each other’s minds! We even both made a caterpillar, butterfly connection! Maybe, not so surprising. For crying out loud! I wanted to write this comment onto your post but you do not have that open to do so. I now have your blog in my reader and look so forward to more posts from you. I am drafting one called “Toys”. There is a category entitled retirement on my blog to allow the reader to easily find what he/she wants to read, so in your case, you can skip over all the knitting stuff. Please keep in touch! Your new friend, Holly


  2. Congratulations on your retirement, Holly! I highly recommend it ….. You will love every minute of it! Looking forward to hearing more about your knitting adventures!
    Karen from Niagara-on-the-Lake


    • Thank you, Karen. It is both exciting and scary. I will feel the impact more in the Fall when the school year officially begins but I did just say to my hubby that this was the best July I’ve ever had. He agreed.


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