Running Goal

I mentioned that when I was ready, I would post my running goal here.

It happens that the well-known Komen Race for the Cure®, part of the largest series of 5K runs/fitness walks in the world, is just around the corner and, of course, is beckoning for participants!  Teams are forming, t-shirts are being ordered, and the whole thing is dangling in front of my face offering opportunity.  And, it has been a ten year hiatus since my last run. Seems the perfect venue to serve as entry point for getting back into the running regime.  I have missed the routine of training, especially the rhythmic breathing of fresh air.  And knitters, let me tell you, one can do a lot of planning of their projects while on these fun runs!

So, with the decision made, in honor of loved ones, I will be taking this on.  With no other time frame in mind but to finish, wish me luck!   I do hope to get a picture at the end.


5 thoughts on “Running Goal”

  1. You’re so brave. Many of my friends love running too, and are training for 5K races as well. I hate running, but I can understand how many love it. I guess it brings back painful memories of gym class at school. I would love to be more sporty though, and admire people who have the fortitude to train and keep at it. So all the best for your new goal.


    1. Yes, Agnes I also recall painful memories of gym class. I just put those memories aside. I am not sure how brave I am. I am noticing I cannot sit for as long as I could when I was longer, my body gets too stiff and sore so really my running is to help my knitting! Agnes, I am well into the fret sweater! I may post something later this weekend. It is such an interesting project! Again, I thank you for the inspiration!

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    1. It is fairly interesting that I’ve missed it so, as I do NOT consider myself an athlete, however I notice how much happier I am with running in my life. And, I am also very interested in including my running experiences and/or thoughts in my blog. Poetry, too. I am near retirement and I don’t know exactly where I am headed in life but these things are important to me so, I guess they find themselves, here. Now, I am looking for your blog but you must be sending me your comments through email? I’ve been mostly in writing mode here on wordpress but soon to become more of a reader. Thank you for your good cheer.


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