Thank you WordPress, for the myriad of beautiful themes you offer on your site, for purchase or otherwise.  I have taken advantage of the previewing option with and without my specific content, in considering the look and feel I want to represent who I am and what I want to say.


Thank you WordPress technicians, for the ease and convenience of transferring these 70 or so posts from one theme to another or, as we say, trying them on for personal preference, with but one click and minimal personal time exerted.  It has been fun to view the many ways I could express myself, here.


Thank you WordPress business department, for the refund of each and every theme purchased.  This enabled me to readily make changes if that particular theme wasn’t quite the fit for me.  The refund emails were immediate and gave me a sense of comfort and confidence that I, indeed would be reimbursed accordingly.


Thank you theme developers for WordPress, for your design capabilities in providing such impressively creative looks for websites, from blog style to magazine-like, for business and pleasure, alike.


Thank you WordPress help staff, both email and chat, for the quick responses to my questions, even if those questions were of the simple kind.  The answers did indeed help to make this theme my own.


Thank you WordPress readers (and others), for not being upset that each time you’ve come to visit my space, you may have had to navigate it a bit differently.

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