Month: April 2015

Running Goal

I mentioned that when I was ready, I would post my running goal here. It happens that the well-known Komen Race for the Cure®, part of the largest series of 5K runs/fitness walks in the world, is just around the corner and, of course, is beckoning for participants!  Teams are forming, t-shirts are being ordered, and the whole thing is dangling in front of my face offering opportunity.  And, it has been a ten year hiatus since my last run. Seems the perfect venue to serve as entry point for getting back into the running regime.  I have missed the routine of training, especially the rhythmic breathing of fresh air.  And knitters, let me tell you, one can do a lot of planning of their projects while on these fun runs! So, with the decision made, in honor of loved ones, I will be taking this on.  With no other time frame in mind but to finish, wish me luck!   I do hope to get a picture at the end.

On Kindness

Gift bouquet for her, found on desk, brought home and admired by him. No card, but giver identified.   Flowers lovingly placed in a vase. A thank you for an act of kindness.  He positions, re-positions tulips in different rooms as the day wanes carefully carrying and turning the bouquet into the sunlight. She said it was for putting others first.  He changes the water for freshness, admiring commentary with every turn. Signs of appreciation bloom, beautifies a home in many ways.


4 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = final satisfaction.  This project came to me as I was needing to embark on an easy and lightweight (as in heft) project after the challenging elephant cardigan and the gorgeous, but bulky-to-knit designer tapestry dress.  The 4 in my equation stands for this yarn Manos del Uruguay, Rittenhouse Merino 5-ply, that is the number of times I changed how I was going to use this gorgeous yarn.  It was originally purchased for another project but a change of mind and insistence that I use it headed me into a cabled project but I fell short on yardage.  Then, there was a third attempt but I wasn’t confident that this particular yarn was right so I then settled on this Spring cardigan.  The beautiful part about choosing this pattern is that if I were diligent, it could be finished and worn THIS season!   As I’ve suggested, or at least for my knitting sanity, I find it emotionally comforting that after a challenging project to follow it up by one that just sings.  Easy, no seams, knitted …

Cardigan or Pullover

Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, which shall I choose? It’s like music to our internal souls, Rhythm we knitters dance and understand. A repetition that motivates and gives us direction. Patterns on the shelves,  designers desiring our attention. Each calling to be chosen for the next exciting project. Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, you know how I want to choose you Do I need a work horse, a hearty cardigan for my Spring look,  I ask? Knowing its versatility in zipper, button, or hook. “I keep the breeze off your shoulders on cool summer evenings,” it sings “In bulky weight I can be your jacket, coat, outer layer that can serve you as you need.” Or, do I need a more casual look? Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, it is time I make a choice, Pullovers, pullovers, pullover; styles galore. Round neck, v-neck, scoop, and boat “No need to fuss with me.  I come short, long, baggy, or lean. And, many on Ravelry see me in stripe I’m what you chose to take on a Friday night.” Each has their advantage, a place in a wardrobe and …

Top Down vs. Bottom Up

Today I am thinking about the direction one knits a sweater.  It’s on my mind because I am near finished with a top down knitted cardigan and the process of knitting in that direction is not as familiar to me as knitting in the direction from the bottom to the neckline.  Also, I hear knitters exclaiming how they would never consider knitting in the direction that they are not familiar with. Seems a bit closed minded to me.

Welcome, Widget (or Tab)!

Just a short post to welcome a new tab onto my site!  I am calling it Running as I am wanting to  introduce to readers that this blog may include some upcoming posts on running or biking or some kind of outdoor play.  As time moves along, my awareness and desire for balance in life is ever-growing.   By balance I mean with my spiritual, social/emotional, mental, and physical being.  I’ve chosen a photograph to post in the widget (taken a year or so ago when hubby and I were along the Niagara River biking) to motivate my spirit and endeavor towards this matter.  The photograph might have been taken when I was recovering from a broken bone in my foot.  At any rate, as I gear up for the next phase of my life, and as I realize the importance of staying fit through the years, I know that I might want to write about these adventures, here.

Varying Tools heightens Skill Level and Versatility

The other day, on Vogue Knitting’s facebook page, I saw this and thought it was a helpful table.  It is is a chart indicating number of stitches needed for comfort on a round needle.  For example: the first row indicates gauge in this case, 3 stitches to the inch (which suggests bulky yarn), following across it says you would  need at least 48 stitches to be comfortable knitting with a 16 inch length round needle, 72 stitches for a 24 inch round and so forth.  Now, when I say comfortable that means that when you are knitting, the stitches are not so tight that they are being pulled and it feels like you are fighting with them nor that there are so many stitches that they are bunched up and are on top of one another.  Drawback:  Many needle purchases. Comments on this chart were mixed.  Some were appreciative, copying it, and saying that this would be a useful resource and would help in their knowledge of what needle to use for what project,  while others were suggesting to magic loop, a method whereby you …


Sometimes, happenings in life linger in my mind to the point where I need to write about them. The lingering moment was a conversation I had with teachers about a week ago regarding an upcoming narrative writing unit. We were sharing thoughts around the concept of memoir, what one was and how students might take on the work, and the structures a memoir might take when writing one.  One thing led to another as does naturally when in deep conversation and as we were surfing the net and our other resources, we came across this. A 6 word challenge.  Now, I am not saying that this would be the work of our students, however we did take time to pause to consider the following for ourselves. Challenge:  To write your memoir in just six words.  Six words. Fast forward to today.  Ok, now, on this day, the more I am researching this, the more I am realizing that this is not a new concept at all but one that I am revisiting.  I do believe it is important to …