Month: February 2015

on blogging

A post, a page, a project A link, a tag, a slug A menu, a parent, a category For cryin’ out loud, All I want to do is write! A logo, an icon, a graphic, 3-column, static, or slideshow A comment, a like, a share, For cryin’ out loud, All I want to do is write! A theme, a message, one’s purpose A journal, to teach, or shop? Wordpress, Squarespace, or not For cryin’ out loud – All I want to do is write!

Blog Hop on Creativity

An invite  from a fellow Raveler, Bowie asking if I would like to participate in a creative blog hop!  Sure would!  I love questions such as these as they force thinking of the why and wherefore of things, and I know that reflection on any level is the best way to learn, for everyone.  Also, this reminds me of those chain letters from days gone by.  Anyone else remember those?

Tapestry Dress

Sometimes you see a project that you have to have against all reasoning.  I asked myself all kinds of questions to try to talk myself out of making this.  What?  I cannot purchase all the yarn needed for this in the same dye lot?  When?  Combination short sleeves with a high neck collar, what season will I wear this?  How?  Pleats with bulky tapestry-like fabric will work?  The more I asked myself these questions, the more I leaned towards believing in Vladimir Teriokhin’s design as seen in Vogue Knitting Holiday issue 2012 and couldn’t wait to make it for the holidays. There was no real issue beginning this project except to organize the yarn, Koigu Wool Designs Bulky according to the different dye lots (this hand dyed yarn only came in bags of ten with the same dye lot, or so it was that way at the time of purchase) and I needed more than that for this dress.  So, I purchased half the yarn required in one dye lot, the other half in another dye lot and alternated the skeins …

Is this a Martin Storey or a Math Story?

Back in August I laid eyes on this beauty, Tembe designed by Martin Storey.  (ok, the model ain’t bad, either.)  The colors, style of the cardigan, the way it was fashioned, and the magnificent elephants all reminded me of my hubby.  He had been asking for a hand knit and had been reminding me of how long it had been since I had knitted anything for him.  Immediately, when I saw this sweater I knew it would be the answer and would perfectly fill the apparent void that was in his wardrobe (and take care of the nagging), not to mention would keep my interest through the process.  I didn’t realize what a mathematical equation it would turn into, however. I am one who orders pretty much everything online, so yarn is no exception.  I think all yarn is gorgeous therefore I anticipate a lovely package and enjoy the anticipation as I wait.  Plentiful amounts of beautiful Rowan Colorspun and a nice sturdy Rowan tweed as you see, below greeted us happily.  A bit grayer than we had anticipated, we both drooled when …