‘Keeping Site’ for Knit Wear

This could easily be a three part series:  storage of yarn as part one, the management of the process of work(s) in progress, and the final ‘keeping site’ of finished projects.  And, for me it is that final step in this series that is capturing my attention as the number of successful finished projects continues to grow.

How is it that an over abundance of a good thing could possibly cause a problem in my life?  Or, maybe all obsessions come with challenges.  Well, the challenge I confronted this last weekend had to do with my ever growing collection of hand knits and space in which to store them.  Possibly, it was Spring cleaning that was the motivator.  Whatever the inspiration, I do feel like I may have come up with a solution that meets my happiness in not only the keeping of the sweaters neat and orderly but also, in keeping with minimal clutter.  And, I will admit it was with a bit of good fortune and a creative scrounging around the house whereby I was able to come up with such a solution.  First, my criteria:

  •  one room in which to store
  •  the room itself be neat and functional for overnight guests
  • as much light and space as possible to stay in that room aka minimal clutter and piles
  • easy, quick accessibility of those garments
  • loft or air for sweaters; not piled heavily on top of one another
  • expense free plan

Now, I don’t know about you but “expense free” shopping heads me into the basement.  Now, you would think I would know what was already down there but in a thirty plus year marriage and lots of furniture exchange from one room to the other, children living here and moving, inheriting pieces of furniture from relatives, and/or furniture that hasn’t been moved in ages that becomes part of the scenery over time, one just forgets or doesn’t “see”  exactly what is down there until one starts hunting.  And, sure enough, lo and behold a stroke of amazing luck!  A cedar chest… yes, a cedar chest we bought years, ago for a different house that was holding linens might just be the perfect thing to bring up to the spare bedroom, the chosen room, to begin the process of storage.  After some serious scrubbing, she looked like this.  And, if you get close enough, you can get a waft of that glorious cedar scent.


I was amazed at just how many of my most precious hand knits could fit without stuffing!  Light weight pieces fit on top with my beloved suits and dresses laying perfectly underneath.

IMG_3506Now, I am noticing this room has an especially deep corner behind the entry door.  Hmm… maybe the covered shelf that is in the other room would fit neatly, there I thought.  Perfect!  Here you see the shelving unit covered and further below, you can see how the flap in front can be rolled up attractively.

IMG_3524And, keeping just the seasonal sweaters, rather than focusing on the entire catch, could  provide easy accessibility.

IMG_3509Yup, the seasonal sweaters fit perfectly; easy access and plenty of space for loft and care of each one…

Now, I thought, if I could take over the closet, that would keep the rest of the room free of clutter.   Off to do some negotiating with the hubby.  Deal made, and fabric boxes purchased awhile back, fit perfectly into the back spaces on the existing shelves.  This met the criteria of holding the sweaters that are out of season as the boxes have plenty of room to pack lightly,  keep the projects dust free, the boxes themselves can stack on top of one another and I think are very attractive.   They easily collapse when not in use.  And, did I mention they have little pockets on the outside able to hold labels?

IMG_3521Close the closet door, and the out-of-season beauties are out of sight.

A possible alternative could be to place the decorative fabric boxes  on top or under the shelving unit as such:


In evaluating the plan, I went back to my criteria and I do believe I may have found a system that just may work for me.

And, the lovely cedar chest works perfectly for suitcases and other such purposes for overnight travelers.


4 responses to “‘Keeping Site’ for Knit Wear”

    • AND the odd part is, it was barely full. 33 years of marriage, a host of challenges, too busy a schedule, minimal moving might cause a girl to forget a thing or two. But, I have her now right where I want her!


  1. Love this storage discussion as I have (and am) grabbled with this topic myself. We live in a high-rise with no basement, attic, or spare bedroom…but I am going to show these strategies to my wonderful husband and turn him loose on figuring out a solution. I do have a fabulous steamer trunk that I keep lots of my sweaters in but they are stacked and hard to grab when in season. You have my creative juices flowing on this one!


    • Mindy, Even the basic of shelving, tall, shaped something like in the photos, you can house many. If you and or someone you know with basic sewing skills could make a cover (for dust and sunlight protection), you’re off and running… Possibly steal a corner of your bedroom?


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