A Knitter’s Reality Check

Once upon a time, I knitted an argyle vest for hubby, photographer.  Possibly some fifteen or so years, ago.  We went to a local yarn shop, he chose the yarn, beautiful Donegal Wool, and I knitted him this argyle vest from Vogue Knitting, Fall 1995.  Argyle was “in”, then.  And, he hasn’t taken the vest off, since.  I mean he wears it like a bathrobe in the mornings, as a sweater vest in the afternoons, and as a jacket for errand running in the evenings.  The vest does not come off.  And, with every wearing he comments on his love of it.

Argyle Vest as seen in Ravelry


I do not think there is one single item of clothing in either one of our wardrobes that gets more wear than this garment.  So, it is no surprise that it has stretched, pilled, misshapen, is stained, and has  yarn literally worn away around the neck’s edge.   Now, a knitted garment can handle some abuse, but when the yarn becomes nonexistent as in no longer there, it is time to step in for the rescue.


So, after digging down deep into my stash of left over yarns,  I found the remnants from this project.   Tip number one:  Always save a bit of yarn from all of your projects for potential fix-its down the road.  Tip number two:  Using that new yarn and a crochet hook (medium sized), start somewhere.   For me I started at a button.  Pick up a stitch along the edge and crochet a chain stitch into it.  With each stitch, crochet a chain stitch.  For me, I went all the way around and ended up at the buttonhole.  That way, it gave a very nice new edge completely around and you can barely see where the threadbare spot even was.

IMG_3500 IMG_3498 IMG_3502

Now, this will keep the man happy and he was thrilled with the result.  However,  what this is really telling me is how long it has been since I’ve knitted for my hubby  and how much the man needs a new updated project given to him from me.

5 responses to “A Knitter’s Reality Check”

  1. I have been looking everywhere for a vest pattern for a monk! This is perfect! ANd, he is Irish, so I planned to use the tweed yarn! I will not make the pattern, just a plain vest but this is the exact shape I needed!! They wear this over the “Habit” and under the “Scapular” so no pattern needed. Thanks for posting, it is very hard to find a plain button front mens vest! :)


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