Why Knot

Oh, what a fun project this was and how creative is this designer, Mari Lynn Patrick?  She continues to amaze me with her flawless details and unique designs.  The front and back of this sweater, found in Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2011 are shaped a bit differently so that the front will have enough fabric to fold and tie as you wear it.   There are so many details that must be pointed out…

How about the chevron pattern is simply made with increases down the middle of the front and back?  That is it, no fancy color blocking or counting of stitches and rows, just an increase down the middle that causes the stripes to pull upward!  How ’bout the fabulous additional ribbing along the sides so that when you pull the knitted ties tight, the sides conform to your shape making it very flattering and figure forming.  How ’bout the  little knitted patches on the inside at the point of the ties where there would be added stress due to the pulling!     How ’bout this is perfect for utilizing stash and one could stripe away in any configuration according to the yarn he/she had?   The ivory here is leftover from my houndstooth suit (I had just enough) and the blue is from an aborted project.  Both yarns are in worsted weight for gauge purposes, however are of different brands.   I was wondering how that would work and with a little blocking, ended up not being an issue.  And, how ’bout this design is easy to fit due to the ties that can be the final adjustment at the end?  Now, I will admit due to the fact that the front and back are slightly differently shaped does cause some element of surprise to the general structure of the garment but that might be the only draw back.  This pattern just might have to be revisited down the road as I continue to knit and create more stash.

Initially, it seems odd to me that most of our photo shoots are shot near and/or around water.  I do not consider myself a water girl, nor a beach gal, nor a sun bather.   Then, I realize  how we do find bodies of water a naturally serene environment and they seem to beckon us with their beauty.  I might also add the fact that there are an abundance of waterways accessible to us and we haven’t yet been to the most known, Niagara Falls… nor Lake Erie… nor Letchworth State Park!   So, with that and with inspiration screaming to me from the vivid striping of the blue and ivory, ‘Why Knot’ head to a fishing hole my hubby is familiar with, The Blue Water Marina?chevron IMG_3453 IMG_3455 IMG_3461

IMG_3468 IMG_3477

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