Month: April 2014


So as not to linger with thoughts of neglect towards poor hubby for too long, THIS gorgeous eye-catching cardigan will be draped over my husband’s back, front, shoulders, opened, closed, in wetness and in dry, in the morning, at noon, and throughout the evenings when next the snow doth fall… Designed by Martin Storey as seen in The Knitter, Issue 67 and the yarn was just ordered! ITEM: ROWANTWEED OPTIONS: Buckden ITEM: COLOURSPUN OPTIONS: Winterburn

A Knitter’s Reality Check

Once upon a time, I knitted an argyle vest for hubby, photographer.  Possibly some fifteen or so years, ago.  We went to a local yarn shop, he chose the yarn, beautiful Donegal Wool, and I knitted him this argyle vest from Vogue Knitting, Fall 1995.  Argyle was “in”, then.  And, he hasn’t taken the vest off, since.  I mean he wears it like a bathrobe in the mornings, as a sweater vest in the afternoons, and as a jacket for errand running in the evenings.  The vest does not come off.  And, with every wearing he comments on his love of it.

Why Knot

Oh, what a fun project this was and how creative is this designer, Mari Lynn Patrick?  She continues to amaze me with her flawless details and unique designs.  The front and back of this sweater, found in Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2011 are shaped a bit differently so that the front will have enough fabric to fold and tie as you wear it.   There are so many details that must be pointed out… How about the chevron pattern is simply made with increases down the middle of the front and back?  That is it, no fancy color blocking or counting of stitches and rows, just an increase down the middle that causes the stripes to pull upward!  How ’bout the fabulous additional ribbing along the sides so that when you pull the knitted ties tight, the sides conform to your shape making it very flattering and figure forming.  How ’bout the  little knitted patches on the inside at the point of the ties where there would be added stress due to the pulling!     How ’bout this is …

Snaps and Cackle may put a little Pop into your Knits

I really do wear my hand knits and the wearing of them  is where the rubber hits the road.  Believe it or not, my goal  is to NOT notice them when I am wearing them (aside from responding to  their compliments, of course).  If they fit and “wear” comfortably, then, in my opinion, they are a successful garment and will likely be pulled for regular wear.  If I notice the garment or if I notice I am “playing” with its fit, for example I feel some sort of pulling, or mis-aligning, curling, or the like, I likely will remember that and not pull them, again.  So, in my mind I have to revisit it or it gets a lot of shelf time.  Examples of such fix-its are from simple to a bit more complicated but, in all cases, puts the piece right back into the line up for another happy, carefree wearing.  And, after all, the purpose to knit these spectacular fashion statements is to WEAR THEM!