Museum Worthy

I haven’t actually written a list [yet] of the local spots where we, hubby and I, could visit as we continue our journey of posting finished knitting objects at meaningful on-site locations but I do fear, I may need to begin one.  On the other hand, sometimes the aspects of a garment lend themselves or inspire us to a particular location.  This was the case in the recently completed Fair Isle collared jacket.  Somehow, in working this project, one of us [hubby or me] said,”hmm.. doesn’t that collar remind you of the ornate horses at the Carrousel Museum?”  And, it was at that moment we knew that was where this photo shoot would be.

Allan Herschell Carrousel Museum

Upon finishing this garment, I checked the Museum’s daily schedule and learned that it was closed from Jan-April.  Disappointed, but yet highly anxious to have this project photographed, we headed out to the Museum thinking that perhaps the grounds of the Museum would offer possibilities of interest for our shoot [and I do tend to prefer outside photos].  And, that is where we were when we were approached.  “Are you out-of-towners?”  asks the museum keeper  [I was later to learn graduated from the same high school, same year as me] as she was unlocking the doors.   [and, I thought the Museum was closed…]  We explained who and what we were doing and that was how we got in.

Now, I’ve already posted the project to explain the motivation and thought process behind it, but here are the series of photos that showcase the Allan Herschell Historic Carrousel Factory Museum, located in North Tonawanda, NY.  Not only is it an unusual place but happens to be located near my [now deceased] beloved in-laws, therefore was a staple of many visits riding the fastest merry-go-round you’ve ever been on and likely these memories are what sparked the original connection between the project and the locale.

The museum continues to be a local landmark and offers visitors from far and wide as well as local children a host of activities and fun of a historic kind.

These are all created right here at the Museum!

Here we are touring the Museum which opened its doors to us..

reminds me of my new popper at home
Notice how the blanket on the horse matches my collar!
something about the back end of that horse ….
blurry, but love the rooster
trekkin’ around looking for…
Certainly, you knew this would happen.
and, again…
saying good-bye on a beautiful day.

One addendum:

From a Ravelry user:  I saw your recent photos with your beautiful jacket. The Merry Go Round Co caught my eye as I have been there. Neat place! Also, the one carousel with the Indian faces at the center…do you know if that used to be at Crystal Beach? I thought it was now at the zoo, but maybe I am remembering incorrectly…so many happy memories…

I love that someone else was able to find joy in these postings.

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  1. Hello Holly ! I tripped over your blog from somewhere … I already am forgetting… on Ravelry. I also love to photograph on ‘meaningful sites’ as my nieces and I really look forward to what exciting new place we can find for the next garment photoshoot.. Love your kniitting by the way ! :)


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