A Knitter’s Keepsake

knitter's keepsake

People blog for many different reasons [in the knitting world], and elsewhere.  Some to share skills or finished objects, to share advice, some to advertise newly published designs, some to state opinions, or to review knitting books.   Not that I don’t do any of those things as well but what mostly motivates me to write is to journal my travels of knitting.  We, my hubby photographer and I, go to great lengths to think about and then seek on-location sites in which to photograph  finished knitting projects.  And, these on-site spots are chosen with great intention and/or purpose in mind.

As I peruse Ravelry, an on-line site where knitters with varying skill level post their projects, I not only view their knitting but also the presentation of those projects.  Same thing when I am flipping the pages of a knitting publication.  I notice there is a great deal of attention given to those printed pages, the layout, the background/location, the stance of the model, etc.  It could be the teacher in me..or the student in me.  And, yes, I feel like I am a student to life’s challenges and successes.  As students, were we not always told that our papers or assignments and the way they are ‘handed in’ is a reflection of who we are?   Do I not say that as a teacher?   My point is I NOTICE.

I do not feel that knitting on a mannequin or body form or knitting that is laid out on a bed is publishable.  Body forms are great tools, I would imagine (I do not have one as I find a tape measure and mirror work just as nicely), and certainly knitting laid out on a bed is great if you are cleaning out your closet.  I guess I see these as steps TOWARDS “publication”, not publication in and of itself.

Knitting that is posed against a white wall or in the same room, against the same couch, or along the same window where I become familiar with the drapery begs “Here we go, again.  Here is another one.”  The garment doesn’t appear it will make a statement or offer wearability or tell a story and it certainly does not inspire.   Where is the adventure?  Where is the mystique?  Where is the wonderment?

And, then there is the writing of a beautiful finished knitted garment.  Did you ever read the  J Peterman catalog?  It is a clothing catalog in handbook form.  When you read it, you want to purchase every article of clothing or knickknack because the writing is so fantastic and leads you to romantic adventures and lures you into fascination.  It draws you into the moment as if you vacationing on that island or attending the State Capitol’s affair.  OK, here goes… just the title:  Owner’s Manual No. 98.  And, “She’s the queen of the silent era.  Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.”  [Mary Pickford, circa 1925]  I mean, really, you just want to keep reading … and shopping…


I am a romantic, I suppose.  I am a teacher, for sure.  I love writing and I attempt modeling.  I do have a hubby who is willing to photograph the cities’ sites with me.  I find time for these adventures because they are important to me.  The act of “suiting up” in hand knits, two people working together, finding the right spot for the garment, smiling and modeling [knowing that time is taking its toll and the photo shoots of a few years, ago do not quite look like the photo shoots of today] is really what my knitting is all about.  It is true that knitting is taking me on a journey, but in the end, it is this blog, the reflections of that journey, that will be my knitter’s keepsake.

knitter's keepsake

knitter’s keepsake

6 responses to “A Knitter’s Keepsake”

  1. Hey Holly just to jump in here to both agree and disagree… I agree that the FOs that are modeled well on Ravelry are exactly the ones that catch my eye, and ditto if the story of the knitting is well told. But I also realize that each person’s Ravelry is their own personal database, they are not just “publishing” for the rest of us. So folks may not display their work in its best light because their purpose may not be for us, its for them! I know for me that’s true. And sometimes I do a good job with modeling, and those are the ones that get attention from others. But if I don’t, that’s ok too. Oh, and I definitly agree on “the fix” part!


    • I agree with “their own personal database”. However, the entire forum is very public so I’m a bit more careful because of that. Thanks for stopping by, Beth! Always great to hear different points of view!


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. When I peruse Ravelry, looking for my next ‘fix’ it irks me not to see garments being modelled. Reading the tale of how the article came to be made, with all the particulars that the knitter encountered en route, plus seeing it being worn, is a fantastic help in deciding whether this is the one for me or not.


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