Month: February 2014

Museum Worthy

I haven’t actually written a list [yet] of the local spots where we, hubby and I, could visit as we continue our journey of posting finished knitting objects at meaningful on-site locations but I do fear, I may need to begin one.  On the other hand, sometimes the aspects of a garment lend themselves or

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A Knitter’s Keepsake

People blog for many different reasons [in the knitting world], and elsewhere.  Some to share skills or finished objects, to share advice, some to advertise newly published designs, some to state opinions, or to review knitting books.   Not that I don’t do any of those things as well but what mostly motivates me to

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Collaring the skill of Fair Isle

It’s been awhile since I have knitted anything Fair Isle.  Not sure why.  It’s certainly a fun technique, keeps one’s attention, and continues to be popular among knitters.  It is a traditional technique and the garment is typically traditional in shape and structure as it is the beautiful patterns of color that catches one’s attention.

Featured in VK, 2014

Vogue Knitting has been alive and well in my life for over 30 years.  But, NEVER in this way!   I haven’t even looked at the sure-to-be-can’t-wait-to-knit  projects that await my future because I am bursting from the seams (LITERALLY) and have waited since this summer when that unbelievable email I received from Vogue Knitting came

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