Unlikely Knitting Collectible

Unlikely knitting collectible two become one in pursuit of an image planning, traveling, reflecting enjoying the experience without whom are separate. Unlikely knitting collectible dear friends reunite after many years sharing in fashion once again they may look like twins. Unlikely knitting collectible suggestion made professional keynote speaker was that my name? in time of comfort […]

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Rust Cardi

Now, the question becomes who thought of this motto first, VK or me?  The motto I am now seeing heading the instruction pages in recent issues of Vogue Knitting:  plan, make, finish, wear has been my mantra for the last 35 years or so whether it be in knitting or sewing (my personal predecessor to hand […]

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So as not to linger with thoughts of neglect towards poor hubby for too long, THIS gorgeous eye-catching cardigan will be draped over my husband’s back, front, shoulders, opened, closed, in wetness and in dry, in the morning, at noon, and throughout the evenings when next the snow doth fall… Designed by Martin Storey as seen in The Knitter, Issue 67 […]

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Why Knot

Oh, what a fun project this was and how creative is this designer, Mari Lynn Patrick?  She continues to amaze me with her flawless details and unique designs.  The front and back of this sweater, found in Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2011 are shaped a bit differently so that the front will have enough fabric to fold […]

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