Month: October 2013


Is it a dress?  Is it a tunic?  Whatever it is, I love this unique little number designed by Heather Dixon.  Knitted in Blue Sky Alapacas Sport Weight, I chose a vivid orange meant to represent the color of a beautiful sunset as my plan was to have this completed by late summer.  You know, like the setting sun of a lovely summer’s past. However, due to my own distractions, a bit of difficulty getting the gauge, and somehow getting confused on the back “spine”, it took much longer to knit than expected.  So, I do suppose I can think of it more as an Early Fall top to give homage to the harvest season of the pumpkin and other such seasonal gords.  I do love its color and it is totally squishy soft as alpaca is and fits perfectly.  However, I am learning that I am not totally in love with alpaca, I don’t think, as I tend to prefer fabric, knitted or otherwise, that has more body and heft to it.