Knitting is not a Competitive Sport, or …

I recently read a post called Knitting is NOT a Competitive Sport on my friend’s blog.  The writer was expressing her thoughts on her observations of the productivity of other knitters as compared to hers and how the internet has allowed this to be so obvious to her.  Her apparent awareness of x number of projects per year of other knitters is made clear to her by her connection with Ravelry, an online site for knitters and crocheters. Her participation in groups or forums, noticing the frequency of speed knitters’ newly posted project pictures, and reading comments has caused her reflection.   Well, I, too have noticed the same and have thought similar thoughts wondering why it was I was not able to produce at such speeds.  But, giving more thought, it simply does not bother me.  May I suggest the following Top Ten on why I actually believe having less is more, or at the very least, it is a positive outlook on my reality.

  1.  Others come before knitting.
  2.  Work.

  3.  I want balance in life.

  4.  Puppy training.

  5.  Control internet surf time and place.

  6.  What can one do with those newly knitted 200 sweaters per year?

  7.  Storage?

  8.  One project does not equal another.

  9.  Quality!

  10.  WHO CARES?

That said, check out the below!

and if that isn’t enough…

‘Extreme knitting redhead’ Susie Hewer in marathon record bid

Susie Hewer
Ms Hewer has set two world records at the London Marathon.  A fundraiser from Sussex will attempt to break her own world record for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon.

Susie Hewer, known as “the extreme knitting redhead”, will attempt the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK on 21 April.


4 responses to “Knitting is not a Competitive Sport, or …”

  1. Is this about me?! :-D I still feel like that and I’ve been taking my time and going at my own pace. But as for #5,I could use a bunch of sweaters…. I hate being cold and I don’t really have any. :'( But you are right, there is life outside knitting.


    • hahaha Not at all, Margaret! I advocate taking time. Have you ever seen a project page with hundreds of projects and worse yet, each sweater looks like the one before? oh, dear….. yup, to me its about balance.


  2. I need to echo your number 5: what to do with 200 sweaters a year?! Seriously, some Ravelers must have walk-in cedar closets! I am usually a selfish knitter, but I really should start knitting for others, I. am. running. out. of. space. Also, on this note – no more chunky knits! They take up 8 inches of height on the shelf, lol.


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