Interviewed, 2013

I couldn’t quite wait until June!  In honor of the one year birth of this blog, please enjoy:

  1.  New WordPress format that is clean looking with lots of white space to highlight the knitting!
  2.  New header photo for a change in appearance.
  3.  A second page entitled Collection to share and give credence to a knitter’s past.
  4.  A change to the name of the blog, HOLLY KNITS.  Simple, identifiable, me!

AND, to make things even better, how complimented I was to receive this invitation from a fellow knitter!  Rowan Ambassador, Cindi Brompton wrote a series of interviews, mostly interviewing other fellow Rowan ambassadors but along with interviewing her comrades, she also somehow found me and found on her blog, Building My Life, One Stitch at a Time, is our interview!  I was humbled and proud to be a part of this endeavor of hers.

Scan Scan 1

In keeping with the Rowan theme, I’ve posted this project.  Both the pattern and the yarn below is from Rowan, an amazing source for inspiration.  More photos and pattern information about this project can be found here in Ravelry on my project page.

Cheadle, Rowan yarn and pattern

10 responses to “Interviewed, 2013”

  1. Have you tried to incorporate your logo onto your banner? If you save as a .png, it should have a transparent background… just a thought. I had a lot of fun playing with my logo. =)


  2. Holly, your website looks phenomenal! Your finished projects look wonderful as well, can tell you’ve been very busy!!


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