Yarning About Dye Lots Part 2

It appears the package of mismatched dye lots must have been received by the scandalous company as I now see a refund on my account.  Of course, there is this thing called a re-stocking fee, shipping, and who-knows-what-else so I see I have been docked $22.25.  I suppose I will take it.

In the meantime, after searching far and wide (and I do wonder why a current pattern uses yarn that is mostly no longer available in the United States), I have found this Zitron “Savanna”, elsewhere.  THIS time I attached a note requesting the same dye lot.  Immediately, the proprietor of this shop wrote back and said “Yes Holly, of course I will never send a not-matching dye lot without asking the customer first.”  And, of course, I felt like I was insulting her and figured she was probably confused why I specified that.

So, as it currently stands, I am out about 22 dollars, currently have no package, and worse yet a confession of a broken resolution as I had promised myself that I would not purchase any new yarn for at least one year.  Maybe, only a knitter might understand that but I am feeling like I am being punished for breaking my own rule.  Of course, we could always blame Tom Scott for designing this amazingly cool ‘Drapy Drama‘ seen in the latest Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting that I just have to have.