Yarning About Dye Lots (Part 2 of 2)

It appears the package of mismatched dye lots must have been received by the scandalous company as I now see a refund on my account.  Of course, there is this thing called a re-stocking fee, shipping, and who-knows-what-else so I see I have been docked $22.25.  I suppose I will take it.

In the meantime, after searching far and wide (and I do wonder why a current pattern uses yarn that is mostly no longer available in the United States), I have found this Zitron “Savanna”, elsewhere.  THIS time I attached a note requesting the same dye lot.  Immediately, the proprietor of this shop wrote back and said “Yes Holly, of course I will never send a not-matching dye lot without asking the customer first.”  And, of course, I felt like I was insulting her and figured she was probably confused why I specified that.

So, as it currently stands, I am out about 22 dollars, currently have no package, and worse yet a confession of a broken resolution as I had promised myself that I would not purchase any new yarn for at least one year.  Maybe, only a knitter might understand that but I am feeling like I am being punished for breaking my own rule.  Of course, we could always blame Tom Scott for designing this amazingly cool ‘Drapy Drama‘ seen in the latest Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting that I just have to have.

6 responses to “Yarning About Dye Lots (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. Well most of us dye hard knitters have a hard time keeping that promise! So don’t fret there too much, however the stocking fee would miff me on their error. Love the sweater. What color are you doing it in?


    • Yep, I am miffed but life goes on… Well, regarding color, there is the next part of the saga happening…. I thought one color but now….. part 3 coming soon!


    • Kelly,
      Oh my gosh, Tom Scott’s drapy… could be called dreamy….Thank you and I do believe there will be a Part 3 regarding yarn saga.


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