IMG_0223Is it a dress?  Is it a tunic?  Whatever it is, I love this unique little number designed by Heather Dixon.  Knitted in Blue Sky Alapacas Sport Weight, I chose a vivid orange meant to represent the color of a beautiful sunset as my plan was to have this completed by late summer.  You know, like the setting sun of a lovely summer’s past.

However, due to my own distractions, a bit of difficulty getting the gauge, and somehow getting confused on the back “spine”, it took much longer to knit than expected.  So, I do suppose I can think of it more as an Early Fall top to give homage to the harvest season of the pumpkin and other such seasonal gords.  I do love its color and it is totally squishy soft as alpaca is and fits perfectly.  However, I am learning that I am not totally in love with alpaca, I don’t think, as I tend to prefer fabric, knitted or otherwise, that has more body and heft to it.

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From A-symmetric to Z-ipper


Funny, when I receive a new Vogue Knitting magazine, I tend to have two emotions.  The first is, of course, excitement as anyone who follows my knitting knows that I believe VK stands well above any other publication for outstanding knitting fashion, photography, and inspiration.  The other emotion I notice is fear.  I hear myself saying, “Oh, No!!  How many of these projects am I going to fall in love with?”  With an already extended stash and plans for far too many projects in the future, it is frustrating feasting my eyes on more. The projects in this particular issue, Vogue Knitting, Collector’s Issue Holiday 2011 were posted with an alphabetical theme.

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Portrait finished, maybe…

Can you love all finished projects with the same fervor?  It is not necessarily the feeling of happiness I wanted.  I am not saying I am not happy.  Maybe, more undecided.    I have asked myself, what would I change?  How could I make it better?  or more to my liking?  more exciting?  And, I do not come up with any answers.  And, yes, if I were not satisfied I would not hesitate to rip the entire project out and start, again.  (I am remembering a time I ripped out an entire sweater AFTER wearing it a bunch of times.)

I must explain that I am not necessarily enamored with yarn and feel like I MUST knit with the latest fiber that has been introduced to the market, nor am I taken with the latest most popular design (not at all), or I MUST follow a particular designer (even though I do have my favorites).  I follow my heart.  And, that is what I did with this project having fallen in love with the pattern some 25 years, ago.  Yup, look at the date, Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 1988.  Maybe, it was the wording on the pattern or the beautiful model with her striking pose, but imagine an image staying with you for 25 years to the point where you finally find time to work that project up!  And, then imagine having some consternation over it.  ugh

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Puppy Trainers’ Tools for Knitters

Knitting tools, you ask?  Let’s take each item.  The ceramic bowl in the background is filled with dog treats.  How else does one make one’s pet happy when one wants a bit of knitting time away from the throngs of  pet-dom? (at least, for a little while)   The beautiful biking gloves in the forefront were a recent gift from my hubby as I had been complaining of aches and pains of handling the above-mentioned Ball of Energy.  Walks are now a piece of cake (with the leash no longer rubbing and causing blisters) and are allowing my fingers to stay nimble for stitch work.  Lubriderm has been a staple in our arsenal of beauty supplies for years and years.  (My hands have become brutalized from maintenance of said beastie).  With regular use, I can continue to appreciate the multitude of fibers that weave their way through my fingers.  And the Paddy, you ask?  Does that really need explaining?

Knitting is not a Competitive Sport, or …

I recently read a post called Knitting is NOT a Competitive Sport on my friend’s blog.  The writer was expressing her thoughts on her observations of the productivity of other knitters as compared to hers and how the internet has allowed this to be so obvious to her.  Her apparent awareness of x number of projects per year of other knitters is made clear to her by her connection with Ravelry, an online site for knitters and crocheters. Her participation in groups or forums, noticing the frequency of speed knitters’ newly posted project pictures, and reading comments has caused her reflection.   Well, I, too have noticed the same and have thought similar thoughts wondering why it was I was not able to produce at such speeds.  But, giving more thought, it simply does not bother me.  May I suggest the following Top Ten on why I actually believe having less is more, or at the very least, it is a positive outlook on my reality.

  1.  Others come before knitting.
  2.  Work.

  3.  I want balance in life.

  4.  Puppy training.

  5.  Control internet surf time and place.

  6.  What can one do with those newly knitted 200 sweaters per year?

  7.  Storage?

  8.  One project does not equal another.

  9.  Quality!

  10.  WHO CARES?

That said, check out the below!

and if that isn’t enough…

‘Extreme knitting redhead’ Susie Hewer in marathon record bid

Susie Hewer
Ms Hewer has set two world records at the London Marathon.  A fundraiser from Sussex will attempt to break her own world record for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon.

Susie Hewer, known as “the extreme knitting redhead”, will attempt the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK on 21 April.