Equestrian – Finished Project

I am hoping to share my latest project with you before the calendar year turns over… if I can get my thoughts together in a fluent manner to “publish” this, I will have just made it.  No apologies for the lack of new posts, I have come to accept that some months are simply busier than others.

Again, a Mari Lynn Patrick‘s design from Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010, here I am in my beautiful new Equestrian tunic, very shapely in its cutaway pieces and finished off so thoroughly with rolled edges along all sides, ribbed capped sleeves, and shawl collar with one button closure.  I love the color of the merino/possom/silk blend “Kauri” from Zealana, however the finished photos show more of a greenish hue to the garment than I expected which I actually like.

The pattern was written clearly enough for an advanced knitter.  Decrease this way or that way “keeping to the conformity of the pattern” and “reverse all shaping” without further explanation in this highly shaped and textured piece, might confuse someone who hasn’t had experience with similar wording on a more basic project.  And, quite frankly, this was NOT the project to be in the middle of when bringing home a new pup even for the most advanced knitter, clearly my fault.  I must have ripped out the right front a myriad of times to have it shaped like its counterpart.  I also wonder if I would have preferred a snap behind the button as opposed to a buttonhole for the sake of endurance and life expectancy of the garment.  The double seed stitch mixed with this yarn makes for a wonderful, durable fabric and as full-bodied as the fabric is, it has the ability to flow jacket-perfect making the trials of knitting the stitch (and fabric) worth it.

And, I am always pleased when I can fit in a new piece into my wardrobe with accessories I already own while making the statement I want.

The photographer was especially kind being willing to photograph me in five degree temperatures trooping around the Historical Building in unplowed (and plowed) areas.  The lighting in our photographs is not consistent, but I do think you get the idea of the finished project.



Yes, those are icicles behind me…

IMG_3023 IMG_3032

AND, we successfully found a horse in the city!  The sculpture is entitled “The Centaur” by Charles Cary Rumsey, a renowned  sculpturist who apparently loved anything and everything equestrian having studied abroad on such design.  He also happens to be the nephew of the architect of the Historical Museum, quite fitting as a greeting to the entranceway as well as for my “theme”, here.


4 responses to “Equestrian – Finished Project”

  1. A stunning piece of knitting, and a handsome garment. I love its structure and texture, its flattering lines, and its versatility as a jacket.


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