Month: December 2012

Thank you, Dad

What does a Conestoga wagon, seen here along a camp lodge, a sundial that faced a drop-off and pick-up parking lot, an observatory on a hill, complete with moving dome that housed a telescope allowing viewing the solar system from the inside, and an automatic watering system of a once spectacular, white barn that serviced approximately 60 – 80 horses have in common? They were all hand crafted and designed by the genius of my Dad for the camp that I loved. Thank you, Dad for the effort you bestowed upon this place and the work ethic you have always exhibited and have instilled upon me.

Inspiration as Guide

Anyone out there having the challenge of choosing their next knitting project?  I used to  have the conundrum about four times a year, every time I received a new Vogue Knitting in the mail.  And, I thought I was inundated with choice, then!  Now, with Ravelry, social networking, and independent designers both far and near and accessible to the masses,  the choice nowadays really is overwhelming! I have written about this before, the criteria for choosing the next project (see below).  In reviewing my own list, I have come to realize I left something out. immediate excitement of pattern or construction of a project challenging in some way can be paired with existing pieces in current wardrobe has a purpose or becomes a focal point must be a style that works for me original and hopefully not able to be found in a clothing store Inspiration, I left out inspiration.  Somehow, when I am perusing patterns, I notice I am talking to myself.  (In teaching “workshop methodologies”, the gurus call it eavesdropping on one’s thinking). …

Equestrian – Finished Project

I am hoping to share my latest project with you before the calendar year turns over… if I can get my thoughts together in a fluent manner to “publish” this, I will have just made it.  No apologies for the lack of new posts, I have come to accept that some months are simply busier than others. Again, a Mari Lynn Patrick‘s design from Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010, here I am in my beautiful new Equestrian tunic, very shapely in its cutaway pieces and finished off so thoroughly with rolled edges along all sides, ribbed capped sleeves, and shawl collar with one button closure.  I love the color of the merino/possom/silk blend “Kauri” from Zealana, however the finished photos show more of a greenish hue to the garment than I expected which I actually like.