Fait Accompli

Hello, blog!  I’ve missed you and I send my condolences for letting you fly on your own. However, this is the season for holidays, birthdays, and visiting with friends of silver and gold (a Girl Scout motto meaning old and new).  And, this particular year held a special birthday that was worth taking notice, and so we did.

Surprises are a tricky thing.  Some like them, some don’t.  Not knowing how my hubby would like or handle being the honoree, it was with trepidation and hesitation that I proceeded planning a surprise birthday party for his seventieth.  I was hoping he would realize the event was meant as an act of love meant to celebrate his life with people who were meaningful to him.

And, then there was Thanksgiving.  How perfect to have the relatives in town for one event to be able to invite them over for another.  While the surprise dinner was at a restaurant, our Thanksgiving feast was at home.  I am currently sitting looking at the remnants of the latter, and am finding myself enjoying the solace of the moment while reflecting on the time that was had.

Blog, I must tell you it was the most pleasant few days.  On birthday celebration day, we entered the restaurant as planned.  Hubby’s eyes caught familiar faces.  Overwhelmed at first, with tears coming to his eyes,  he stepped back as he recognized family from far and near.  In one of our favorite local restaurants, daughter and boyfriend, son and his expecting wife accompanied by their twins, two sisters and their husbands, one of their daughters and her husband, and a dear family friend with his family were there to quietly call out, “Surprise”.  Dinner included drinks, appetizers, entree, and the most fabulous birthday cake I’ve ever tasted.  Presents with fishing theme were opened, the man was overtaken with emotion.

As you can see we have happy hubby below with new fishing cap and me with my “date night” hand knit made specifically for the occasion.

Here’s to the next decade and may good health and happiness serve as trusted guide and companion.