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These are a few of my Favorite Things

I have always loved coffee tables.  Especially mine.  It sits next to one of my favorite spots in the house, it is beautiful to look at with its stone tiles, it is spacious, and it houses all of my favorite things.  If you look closely you will see one of my trays holding knitting supplies for a current project (project unseen, here), an open Vogue Knitting magazine (key word, open), my favorite coffee mug (albeit, ugly) a watch (a wardrobe staple for years), and… a pooch!  Like I said, I have always loved coffee tables!

We are thrilled to welcome Shadowdale’s Angel’s Share “Lizzie” into the fold.


  1. Such a sweet little dog, love the way she spreads out on the bottom run of the coffee table, she looks very comfy there!


    • Cathy: Thank you…. currently teeth like a shark but we know she is in puppy mode and soon to grow big and to become our dear friend.


    • Holly says

      Oh, Beth… she is! Knitting must take a back seat for a few weeks, I am afraid! You can knit for me for now!


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