Month: October 2012

Ribbed Bib

Time has found me ready to post a project I completed this summer.  I am writing with a heavy heart, however as I pause to think about others coping with deadly destruction of unfathomable proportions, those battling the loss of their homes due to wind, water, or fire and I pray for their recovery, hopefully sooner than later.  It is bittersweet that while others are suffering, I find myself with this luxury of time.  This pattern had been in my head for near ten years, a beauty (I think) from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2003, designed by Mari Lynn Patrick.  I just love its simple yet sophisticated styling.

These are a few of my Favorite Things

I have always loved coffee tables.  Especially mine.  It sits next to one of my favorite spots in the house, it is beautiful to look at with its stone tiles, it is spacious, and it houses all of my favorite things.  If you look closely you will see one of my trays holding knitting supplies for a current project (project unseen, here), an open Vogue Knitting magazine (key word, open), my favorite coffee mug (albeit, ugly) a watch (a wardrobe staple for years), and… a pooch!  Like I said, I have always loved coffee tables! We are thrilled to welcome Shadowdale’s Angel’s Share “Lizzie” into the fold.

Purls of Wisdom or Assault with Words

I recently became seemingly unpopular when responding to a forum on Ravelry.  The prompt went as follows: I was interested to read the ‘Purls of Wisdom’ questions posed to knitting designers in VK Fall 2012 and I wonder what rules you always or never break?   I think of VK (Vogue Knitting) fans as slightly curious and adventurous, with certain a sense of style, not afraid of a knitting challenge and definitely opinionated.  So what say you?   Well, I loved the question as well as the writer’s opinion of Vogue knitters (since I am one), so I answered it.  I easily responded with the rule that I never break; my response having to do with working up a gauge.  (I’ve already discussed the importance of gauge, here.)  And, I  continued with discussing the rule I am breaking more and more regarding blocking.  (Blocking is a process of finishing that allows stitches to even out and “bloom” which in turn causes the knitted fabric to take on a smooth and professional appearance.)  I even supported my answer with research and …