Al-pac-a Appreciation

It is not a by-gone teacher who includes after school sessions to inspire, guide, and direct her students to succeed.  It is not a by-gone parent who appreciates all that is attempted for her child.  And, it is not a by-gone student who is willing to diligently work after school once or twice a week throughout the year on difficult and far-reaching goals.  At least not in the place where I call my classroom.  And, to this end, this wonderful gift was unnecessarily (but happily) bestowed upon me.  “Merry Christmas!” said the student when the gift bag was discovered (at the end of the school year).   Merry it was ~ a bounty of beautiful hand-dyed alpaca from the local Humming Herd Farm, in Collins Center, NY.  I truly don’t know what was more heart warming to me, the hand written card or the beautiful blue-green yarn.

I couldn’t wait to get home to begin planning what I might do with this yarn.  Now, I do not call myself a fiber artist where inspiration is derived from yarn and/or fiber.  My start point always comes from fashion with the yarn chosen last, so it was down a less-trodden path that I began looking for that just-right pattern.  Ravelry became my source and soon Bjelle by Kari-Helene Rane gave me my direction.

Learning of the farm’s location, I HAD to meet the very alpacas from whence this beautiful yarn came.  Here is an outside shot with their barn in the back.

I wanted to feel their soft coats of hair (gee, as soft as my sweater) and imagine the shaving process back in the Spring before it was spun into this fine yarn.

I am now in their barn.  Notice how their eyes are carefully watching our every move.

How precious are their little halters…

And, now I am sitting on their hay!

They continue to watch…

and wonder.

I am most appreciative of this fabulous gift and was thrilled to be able to model it for the parent and student this last week, and of course to wish them well in the school year that is now upon us.

2 responses to “Al-pac-a Appreciation”

  1. Your yarn models are adorable. Alpaca is such a pleasure to hold and to knit. You have made another beautiful garment, Holly. And what a thoughtful gift from your student, who not only wanted to express appreciation for your care, but also give you something that would be meaningful to you and bring you joy. A tribute to you as a teacher and as a knitter!


    • Thank you, Arielle. You know, my knitting takes a hit during the school year and sometimes that gets me down but then I remind myself that knitting is merely a hobby and teaching is my chosen profession. I always love reading your comment.


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