Adieu and Thank You, Niagara River

How do I thank thee for a most relaxing and restful summer?  Let me count thy top ten ways.

  1.  You offered gentle breezes off your waters that cooled comfortably on hot summer runs.

  1.  Your countless variety of routes as well as the condition of the pathways along your banks kept the ‘routine’ of exercise interesting and enjoyable.

  1.  Your waters were eye-catching and never failed to brilliantly depict the moods you were in.  How soothing were your waves, natural and calming on some days while dancing with white caps on others.

  1.  You have established wildlife that feeds off your waters and along your shores that regularly distracted as nature’s glory was appreciated.  The shade of your foliage did not go unnoticed.

5.  If nature’s bounty wasn’t enough, there were those walking their dogs.  And what dog owner doesn’t want to talk about their pooch?

  1. I wafted your sweet scent, found only along a water’s edge.  It made me feel far from the place I call home.
  2.  I loved the views, far and wide, from point to point, bridge to bridge knowing of your historical importance to our area as well as being host to the mighty Niagara Falls.

  1.  The plentiful benches and tables that dot your coast were perfect for sight- seers as well as needed for provisional resting for weary activity-seekers.

9.  You provided countless photo shoot opportunities along your rocky banks, outlook points, gazebos, decks and railings.

10.  You were a vast array of opportunity for those fiscally responsible and to this, I might be most appreciative.

Until next summer, Niagara River, however, I may be by your side on weekends!