Month: September 2012

Al-pac-a Appreciation

It is not a by-gone teacher who includes after school sessions to inspire, guide, and direct her students to succeed.  It is not a by-gone parent who appreciates all that is attempted for her child.  And, it is not a by-gone student who is willing to diligently work after school once or twice a week throughout the year on difficult and far-reaching goals.  At least not in the place where I call my classroom.  And, to this end, this wonderful gift was unnecessarily (but happily) bestowed upon me.  “Merry Christmas!” said the student when the gift bag was discovered (at the end of the school year).   Merry it was ~ a bounty of beautiful hand-dyed alpaca from the local Humming Herd Farm, in Collins Center, NY.  I truly don’t know what was more heart warming to me, the hand written card or the beautiful blue-green yarn.

Cable Snake

I am so excited to finally be able to share one of my latest finished projects with you and am equally excited to be able to slip on a pair of boots as my foot has made considerable progress in its healing this last week!  It would be easy, of course, to stand in some corner of the house to take pictures of these knitted projects but I always become inspired by a pattern’s design and begin creating a narrative as I knit.  Also, I realize how perfect these photo sessions are for the continuation of a memoir.  Maybe I am a romantic, but knitting is far more than a finished garment to me. Designed by Tiny Owl Knits, this is a yoked pullover with stitches picked up under and around that yoke in which to form cables that continue around the body.  The cables evolve into a wonderful snake-like pattern near the hem.  I love the uniqueness of the design and, as one knits, one can’t appreciate enough the delicious yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas …