Three Cheers for Poise, Posture, and Winning Attitude

Posture is something I rarely hear people talk about and yet, I believe it to be the cornerstone of great looks.  When was the last time posture was the topic of your conversation?  One usually hears, “Love your hair! Where did you get your shoes?  Great skirt!”  These are typical conversational items.  Imagine “You know, I am impressed with the way you hold your body.  Standing nice and tall makes you prettier.  I wish I could stop fidgeting.”  These are things not mentioned and yet, it is a person’s poise that really captures people’s attention.

I believe posture to be representative of one’s confidence and personality.  I recognize someone by how they hold their frame and can generally tell how someone feels on any particular day by how they carry themselves. Head down, shoulders drooped are often signs of someone who is in some kind of need.  I never saw a model going down the runway with rounded back, eyes dull, and head lowered.

I want photos to capture my sense of style which, I would like to think includes good posture.  As in all good things, there are tips in getting those great photos that capture the better you.  I share this video that I think clearly offers tips that I now use towards this effort.  May it be of help to you in your photos.  It suggests SHOT:

S ~ Shoulders back.

H ~ Hands on hips.

O ~ One foot in front of another.

T ~ tilt your head.

I confess. I actually practice posing for photo shoots to highlight my next project’s interesting features as well as to bring out the best in me.

TRUE STORY:  girl,  hand knit, poor pose, and poor photo location (photo location is another blog topic).  Result – no attention.  Redo photo shoot:  same girl, same hand knit, SHOT tips, more thoughtful photo shoot location.  Result – lots of praise and interest towards project.

The below is a photo I really like:  knitted cloud-tee designed by Kate Davies, photographed by my husband along the beautiful Niagara River, and hand knitted by me.  Happy blue skies to the end of your summer!



4 responses to “Three Cheers for Poise, Posture, and Winning Attitude”

  1. You have it’s spot on! I remember when growing up my mother was always telling me “Don’t slouch! Keep your back straight!”, these days I find myself saying exactly the same to my sons… Yes posture is very important. Love you SHOT pose :)


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