Yarn Bombing on a Personal Level

Yarn Bombing crocheted flowers

Anything yarn-like is going to catch my attention so when this thing called yarn bombing came exploding onto the scene, what can I say, it intrigued me.  I wanted to know the how and the why of such an art form.  Well, in researching, it seems like this yarn bombing, otherwise known as yarn graffiti is just that, taking a common object, any object at all, and literally covering it with yarn via knit or crochet.  I figure the knit or crochet pieces are made ahead of time and then sewn to the object.  As I’ve read about it, some describe it as warming up and brightening an otherwise drab looking environment such as an inner city.  Metal fences, street posts, and city vehicles become objects of attention.  Also, trees.  Common objects.  Artists perceive it as opportunity, changing the way existing art forms such as statues are perceived and travel to major cities to carry out such.  This artist’s work has caught my eye, New York’s knitwear designer Agata Oleksiak, also known as Olek. Here she has taken the giant Einstein statue in Washington, DC and used her iconic flair to give the statue that “new look”.

Yarn bombing has been used as a fund-raising activity whereby many share in the experience leaving their signature or “tag” for the good of the community or their specific cause.

Well, I must say my current state of affairs has been a perfect avenue for such exploration with this fun and funky art form.  Scrap yarn, check.  Tool for how-to research, check.  Sit down activity, check.  And most importantly, common object (a pair), check.

Below, enjoy my effort at yarn graffiti (or shall I call it medicinal graffiti) and let me tell you, these fashion crutches have not only allowed me to try something new, given me my perky spirit back, but may inspire others to take common objects, explore, and have some fun.

And now, I’m off and “running”!  Happy weekend, Everyone!