There’s a New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid in town and life has changed.  If you’ve noticed an absence of posts in “Bloom”, don’t feel badly, we feel slighted as well.

It is clear we are being ignored.  Here in the house, we are not moved or put on the work table or put safely away where we are stored.   We just sit in the tray and watch as our owner seems otherwise occupied.  The table by which we are lined up is getting dusty, the fabric that we create is at a stand still, and the lap of the owner is vacant.  Just look at the date of the last post entry and you can see what we mean!

We first take a look at the author of “Bloom”, or from our point of view, our owner.  The one who picks us up, wraps soft yarn around us, keeps us in constant motion rhythmically tapping, and seems so content when with us.  Our owner, she is somehow different.

And then, looking ever more closely, it appears other items have moved in.  What are the new “sticks” that we are seeing?  So tall and elegant, a pair of shining metal poles with handles, leaning against the couch however clanking miserably when touched and taking our owner’s attention?   How dare they!  She tucks them under her arm, holds them securely and balances herself with them.  Does she prefer them over us?  What does this mean?  Are we being replaced?  We miss her, so.

There’s a new kid in town and life has certainly changed.