Sub-title Finalized

I must say, when I embarked on this new endeavor to write a blog, the theme of my blog as well as the main title came immediately to me.  Philosophical in nature as well as my reality, I believe my life has exemplified appreciating what I have and making the most of every day.  There is actually a book out there and takes this concept further:  How To Want What You Have by Timothy Miller.

It has been the sub-title to this site that I have reflected upon.  If you have re-visited “Bloom” any number of times, you might be chuckling that every time you come back to it, the subtitle is different.  I keep asking myself, who am I in the world of knitting?  What is my focus?  In what lens are we looking through?  In answering, I consider the time spent on Ravelry and what I have observed.  First and foremost, when browsing other people’s projects, I notice there tends to be a theme to their work.  For example, some people love shawls and their project page is filled with the enormous variety of lovely shawls that are out there.  Others love color work and their projects experiment as such.  Sock knitting is very popular and countless people knit hats.  Highly popular are scarves, cowls, neck warmers, collars anything that wraps around the neck and, in fact, I have never seen such a wide assortment of neck wear as I have seen on Ravelry.  I cannot forget the category of baby sweaters, adorable and plentiful and the toys or objects such as tea cozys or wash clothes.  Yes, there are actually people who knit wash clothes and not a bad idea for practicing the basics.  I have seen knitted Christmas trees complete with knitted ornaments.   Oh, and I need to mention (and give high praises) to those who knit for charity.  There are people who call themselves fiber artists.  People who love to experiment with spinning and dying wool or other fibers to create beautiful, bold, and multi-colored yarns.  I gasp at the gorgeous hues but am not so motivated to create.  I have not touched on artists of “yarn bombing” nor crocheters.  And, of course there are the designers, something I have considered for my future.

I want my reader to know exactly what my take is…. accurately and clearly, as they say here, in as few words as possible.  Such sub-titles as Journal of a Knitter and Journey of a Knitter surfaced.  You may have noticed an effort to connect knitting to my family and/or photo shoots to significant locations.  That is what a journal does.  But, I thought that boring.  Then, I had the familiar commercials and/or movie title ideas.  I came up with Knit, Live, Love and Because Knitting is Worth It.  But, these were rather mis-leading as I cannot claim to be the avid movie goer that others are.  How ’bout sounding literary like Life Through the Lens of Knitting or A Knitter’s Reflections?  Too “educator” sounding (even though I am one).

Well, I do not knit socks, toys, items for the home, blankets, and shawls.  I am not an artist and I am not a designer…. yet.  I knit fashion.  Yes, fashion.  But, not as a separate entity like Knitting and Fashion as then it sounds like two items.  Also, when I think of fashion, I asked myself what does that include?  And, I say fashion is about not just what one wears, but how one looks and feels, the healthy life-style of fashionable people, exercise, having healthy eating habits.  And, then my blog could extend into these topics.

So, with this thinking and many changes, I have come to the current sub-title Knitting of the Fashionable Kind as it explains who I am as I knitter, can include healthy living tips, my experiences with running, and of course, will always be a place to share my latest finished projects.

Coming soon to a “Bloom Where You Are” blog near you!

2 responses to “Sub-title Finalized”

  1. Ahh now that makes sense! I think you have landed on the exactly right subtitle for the essential you, and I look forward to the integration of those thoughts as they bloom here! (and especially the knitterly ones…but the others are also welcome!)


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