Queen of Hearts

If this post is looking a bit familiar to some of you, well, let’s just say I am revisiting it.  After all, is that not what great writers do?

A few weeks ago, there was a post on the Freshly Pressed dashboard called The Limitations of Like that is remaining in my thoughts.  Of course, the blogger is referring to the little thumb under every status and comment on Facebook and every other social networking site that is out there.  Belonging to Ravelry, an online site for knitters and crocheters, the thumb is a heart, like a bookmark or in favor of a friend’s project.

Now, I believe the blogger was discussing the “like” button as a tool for marketing.  Being sensitive, I suppose, I notice the emotional aspect of it.   Public display of opinion has worked its way into my heart, (pardon the pun) in a variety of ways. I mean, we all wish we were noticed and “liked” whether it is with knitting, writing, adventure seeking, traveling expert, food preparer, whatever our topics of interest are.  It is routine for me to check my stats and in-box messages on the knitting site and now on my WordPress blog.   Hmmm…. shall I brush my teeth first or see how many hearts my recently completed project just garnered?   I read where a blogger checks in at his/her sites throughout the day. Certainly we are not the only ones!  In marketing, search engines are utilized to figure out ways to produce more hits.  In personal lives, people make changes.  Stats such as these may influence choice of knitting patterns.  Think about the younger generation who has no idea of what life is like without this added influence of public opinion and I certainly understand those who react.  I am not necessarily saying whether any of this is good or bad but I, for one, have been reactive.

A queen of hearts I am not, new best-selling author… nope.  But, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to read my new blog, just 1 1/2 months old.  And, so to refer to my public stats of over 1000 hits and 1 “Lovely Blog Award”of which I am now graciously accepting, as I say on my Ravelry site, may we all inspire one another along the way.

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