We, my hubby photographer and I, grabbed the opportunity on this beautiful summer morning for a photo shoot of my newest project I affectionately call Nostalgia.  Ever since seeing this pattern, Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2009 by Shiri Mor and choosing the yarn, Skinny Dyed, 100% organically grown cotton grey-like in nature, I imagined how I might fashion this and where the photo shoot might be taken.  I believe a successful project is beginning with the end in mind.  And it is, I am noticing,  a journey of creativity that seems to be evolving (and has brought me right here)!

At first I imagined the medallion like a sun.  No, not a sun… a sand dollar… beach… boardwalk… reminiscing… these thoughts eventually led me to its name and eventually to where I knew these photos needed to be taken.   Along the Niagara River, we tried to capture the ambience of summer days gone by while maintaining some kind of fashion-forward thinking.

a beautiful shawl-like collar

Indian stitch edge that is so worth the time it takes to knit

detailed medallion back knitted from the center going out

Could opt for a closure, I chose to keep mine clean free.

shawl collar that can be worn up or down as weather denotes

I just love a white eyelet blouse especially when it picks up the look of the textured knit.

I will follow directions (no swimming).

Can’t you just feel the cool summer breezes?

Long live our summer memories.

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