Knitting Parallels Writing

I read an article in the Washington Post entitled Olympic Knitting by Ruth Marcus.  I couldn’t wait to read it!   She compares the two by saying how both conjure something out of virtually nothing – the blank page, a ball of yarn.  “Yup”, I am thinking.  Both processes are mined with frustration:  the column simply wasn’t working, the dropped stitch that required tearing out.  “Yup.  She should have been around here this week when I completely tore apart the medallion for my newest project and hit the move-to-trash button for a post that was ALREADY published.” And then she goes on to explain why it is she knits.  After all, her profession is a writer and she was linking knitting to that.

Well, I am that knitter and I continue to wonder why I write!   Did you ever read something and say to yourself,  Boy, do I have a lot to say about that! or hmm… never thought about that angle on that subject!   Or, see something and want to share with someone how great or how disgusting that was?  Did you ever just want to express your thoughts but not bother anyone or get your ideas down onto paper before they escape you?  Maybe you just want to get your memories down for posterity sake (I am picturing reading this in a few years) or, for some reason, you think that your memoir might be interesting to a future generation.

I have enjoyed my recent explosion of thought onto paper (internet).   I have made several changes to the site and am still unsettled with the blog’s subtitle.  For now, Journey of a Knitter might work however, in my more sarcastic mood, I want to put an adjective in there.  (Now, I can see your minds working…)

Enjoy your day, Readers and Bloggers and Knitters and I hope to be posting my next finished project soon (which, by the way, was my original intent of this blog) but likely I will write about something else before that.

4 responses to “Knitting Parallels Writing”

  1. thought I left a reply but when I submitted it wordpress me to log in and I couldn’t see it. is the lesson to log in first?


  2. had a think about this.would the adjective be sarcastic like crazy or genuine but boring like homely. I think I like it without but will keep you posted


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