Summer is here, after all

Now, ’tis true we all find time to follow people and places we most enjoy in life.  So is this true of me. And, in so doing, browsing these familiar and endearing sites this weekend, I came upon this!  Imagine my surprise upon reading about the community that surrounds my high school, the town where I grew up, that special place in my heart and learning that it has designed their annual garden week with the same theme as my new blog!  It appears Kenmore is starting with, the “Bloom Breakfast”, followed by five talks every evening until Thursday with “Knowledgeable Garden Specialists” speaking on such topics ranging from Better Roses to Using Worm Power for Better Flowers and Produce, and finalizing with a garden tour of local residences’ gardens.   (Never thought I would be talking about worms, here.)

In an effort to share my knitting online both here and on Ravelry, and at the same time to savor this journey, we (my photographer, aka hubby) and I have traveled to all sorts of local sites to capture my knitting but also to recapture our own history.  Being aware of Kenmore’s efforts at renovating, rejuvenating, and making it a friendly place (ok, move over Mayberry), a recent photo shoot took place at my alma mater.   Feel free to enjoy the knitting AND the effort this community is making.

and another…

Happy Week, my blogger friends!